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Many car enthusiasts are also a fan of classic cars. It may be because when we look at a classic car, we are able to see just how far we have come in the car industry. It could also be because classic cars have an elegant simplicity to them that makes them pleasing to look at. Whatever the reason is, there is no denying the fact that classic cars will always hold a special place in America’s hearts. It could be for that reason, that many car dealerships have now chosen to add a few retro features to their vehicles.

Recently, one Ford dealership in Cincinnati has decided that it will be jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon and adding a few retro features to the popular F-150 models in order to pay homage to the classic stylings of the old pickup trucks. So, what are some of the exclusive features that are being offered? Here is what we know.

The history of the F-150

In the late 1940s, Ford created the F-series truck. The F-series was instantly popular and Ford continued to come up with new ways to make the truck even better. In 1975, when the F-series was on its sixth generation, Ford introduced the more powerful and work-efficient F-150.

Millions of people all over the country were extremely impressed with the new more powerful truck and lovingly referred to it as the “heavy half-ton pickup.” That year, the F-150 became the best-selling pickup truck in the country and has managed to still hold onto that title today.

Bringing back history

In order to honor this iconic truck, Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati is taking some of the truck’s most beloved features of the past and putting them on the modern F-150s. 

On its website, Beechmont Ford said: “The iconic styling that we saw in the late ’70s and early ’80s doesn’t roll down the assembly line anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t have it. After all, this is America.”

Its retro package includes 17″ Mickey Thompson wheels that are wrapped in 35″ BFG All-Terrain Ko2’s and a 3.5-inch Ready Lift. To add even more to the classic look, Black Horse Bed Rack with KC HI-Lights and they can wrap the entire mid-section of the truck with a signature Satin Pearl White wrap.

Other dealers are adding their own retro packages to their favorite models

The Cincinnati Ford dealer is not the only one to try and bring back a piece of history. Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick in Wells, Minnesota has developed a retro package that transforms the exterior of any Silverado into the classic ’70s Cheyenne  Super 10.

Blake Greenfield had said that he had made the truck especially for himself and had no desire to sell the design as a package. However, after several customers continued to as him about it, he decided to turn it into a retro package and install it for $5,995.

Sleepy Hollow Chrysler Dodge Jeep out of Wisconsin has also decided to bring one of its favorite vehicles back to life. They have taken the brand new Jeep Gladiator and dressed it up as the ’70s Jeep Honcho.

It’s hard to say exactly why people love retro-looking vehicles. We assume that many people see the older vehicle and start to remissness about their childhood. All three of the dealers that were featured have reported having good success with its retro packages.

Being that so many people seem to love the idea of combining the past and the present into one vehicle, we wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see many more historic vehicles “come back to life.”