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We’ll give it to Ford that it offers the F-150 in a zillion configurations. There’s no denying that. But here’s a combo Ford won’t build, a 2023 single-cab F-150 with a short bed that is also a wide-body. It out-Raptor’s the Raptor in the looks department. Oh, and it’s for sale.

Auto Accessories Unlimited in Perry, Oklahoma, is the builder of this one-off pickup. The project began with a 2023 XLT 4×4. It came with a 5.0-liter V8 and 10-speed automatic transmission. Right now, it remains stock but is set to receive twin turbochargers, upping the power to something over 700 hp. 

Is this F-150 wide-body suspension modified?

2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab custom truck
2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab | AAU

Next came the Raptor’s wide-body front fenders and bedsides. Ford once did make six-foot Raptor beds behind extended cab models, but not for a while. So Auto Accessories went with aftermarket sources as bolt-on replacements. 

But since this truck is about looks and performance, rather than a lift kit, a performance suspension was in order. Auto Accessories went with an IHC Suspension performance kit with adjustable coilovers. The kit also moves the rear shocks from ahead of the axle to behind it, aiding in traction, especially in quick squirts. 

2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab underside of rear
2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab | AAU

So it’s lower, but also, the ride can be set for either comfort or track days. To that end, the F-150 rides on one-foot wide Fuel Rebar 22-inch wheels and short tires, which necessitates those Raptor fenders. Not only did the outside get the treatment, but the inside did as well. 

Does the F-150 wide-body pickup have a custom interior, too?

2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab interior
2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab | AAU

The cloth seats gave way to quilted leather that also found its way onto the door panels. There is also a larger factory 12-inch touchscreen that replaces the XLT’s eight-inch version. 

In all, you have a righteous one-off with the performance of a Shelby Super Snake Sport that can gnaw at the corners and curves at the racetrack. And with a lower suspension and Raptor fenders seamlessly taking their place onto a classic single-cab short bed F-150. Why didn’t someone do this before now?

How much is it?

2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab front 3/4 view
2023 Ford F-150 widebody single cab | AAU

As for the price, it’s more than the aforementioned Shelby F-150, like $17,000 more. That rounds out the asking price to $130,000. Yeah, it is a lot of cha-cha, but find a cheaper one. Actually, find one anywhere at any price. 

There is no word on whether we may see more of these mongrel F-150s from Auto Accessories. If not, it has set the template for DIYers to take the cues to create their own.


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