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Let’s be honest. When we think of pickup truck maulers, we think of the Ram TRX and Ford F-150 Raptor R. Both hit the nail on the 700-hp head. But the real king of hammer trucks is the 775-hp 2023 Shelby F-150. You can sling as many superlatives as you want, but the horsepower numbers speak for themselves: 700 hp, 703 hp, and 775 hp. Which pickup tops them all?

What are the Shelby F-150 suspension upgrades?

Shelby F-150
2023 Shelby F-150 | Shelby

Shelby is synonymous with high performance. But in the truck world, you need more than that. You need off-road capability. So besides the optional 775 hp, the base Shelby F-150 and the higher-optioned versions have modified Fox suspension system components.

That means 2.5 front and rear aluminum reservoir shocks, internal bypass technology, a BDS lift system, and Shelby’s speed control system that can switch to off-road, track, or luxury settings. It also gets improvements like a Borla exhaust, dual black exhaust tips, and rear traction bars. 

What are the Shelby F-150 engine options?

2023 Shelby F-150 engine
2023 Shelby F-150 engine | Shelby

At the heart of the 2023 Shelby F-150 is the standard 450-hp 5.0-liter V8. The optional 775-hp Coyote 5.0-liter V8 touts several modifications to hit that power rating. It starts with the powder-coated Ford racing blue Whipple supercharger and intake. In addition, high-flow fuel injectors, a billet throttle body, an aluminum heat exchanger, performance air intake with a high-flow air filter, and an oversize carbon fiber air intake tube add flash and power. 

What is special about the exterior and interior?

Shelby F-150
2023 Shelby F-150 | Shelby

A combo of special paint and body additions enhances the exterior. Besides the fiberglass tonneau cover, details include body-color fender flairs and rear bumper cladding incorporating brake cooling vents. The door handles and mirror caps are also body color.

On the front, the “Shelby” nameplate identifies this truck as a special, powerful half-ton. Behind it is an air-managed grille, dual intake “Ram Air” vents in the unique hood, and a front bumper cover featuring air intake vents. 

Options include 22-inch Shelby alloy wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain KO2 35/12.50R22 tires. 

Unique touches in the cab include two-tone leather upholstery and embroidered “Shelby” headrests and floormats. There’s also a carbon fiber interior trim package, tinted windows, billet racing pedals, a Shelby-badged console lid, and a CSM numbered dash plaque and engine plate. 

How much does a 2023 Shelby F-150 cost?

Shelby F-150
2023 Shelby F-150 | Shelby

The 2021 Ford F-150 Shelby Silences the Ram TRX

The 2023 Shelby F-150 boasts performance, luxury, and the chops to tackle off-road treks and trails. It’s also an extremely limited-production truck. The starting price for the 450-hp base model is $127,350. Moving up to the 775-hp truck, the price starts at $135,850. 

Those prices seem steep, but remember that the Ford F-150 Raptor R starts at $109,145. So if you add the Shelby’s features to the R, the latter’s price creeps past the Shelby quickly. For another comparison, the 2023 Ram TRX starts at $84,355.

So that old adage applies here. The faster you want to go, and the farther into the brush you want to venture, the more money you’ll spend. Whether through aftermarket add-ons or limited-edition trucks like the Shelby F-150, it doesn’t matter how you get there.