This 2021 Ford Bronco Reservation Holder Is Trying to Make a Quick Profit

As the arrival of the 2021 Ford Bronco in dealerships across the U.S. draws closer, more buyers are eager than ever to score an early SUV. However, if you didn’t reserve your Bronco early on, chances are you’re going to have to wait a considerable amount of time.

Despite this, CarBuzz recently found a Bronco reservation holder willing to sell their SUV before it even arrives. As you’d expect, they aren’t letting it go for the original MSRP.

Why would anyone buy a 2021 Ford Bronco from Craigslist?

This 2021 Ford Bronco story comes to us from Craigslist via CarBuzz. This is because a reservation holder for the brand-new SUV listed their spot for sale. According to CarBuzz, the seller in the ad claims that anyone who didn’t put down a reservation in July 2020 won’t get to have their Bronco “custom-built.” While you can certainly option the off-roading SUV to your liking, you’ll have to wait a considerable amount of time before it arrives. As a result, this may be one of few opportunities left to buy-in.

If you’re wondering why anyone would buy a 2021 Ford Bronco allocation on Craigslist, there are a few important reasons why. The first has to do with delivery time. Not long ago, we learned that anyone who reserves a Bronco now would have to wait until the 2022 model year. Given the delays the model has already faced, there is no telling when your SUV will actually arrive.

The second reason why you might want to jump on this offer has to do with dealership markups. Once the 2021 Ford Bronco SUVs start hitting dealerships, you can bet that greedy dealerships will be trying to make an extra profit. We know this because they just did it with the arrival of the smaller Bronco Sport. As a result, you may save by buying this spot, but not very much.

What Bronco trim are we talking about?

A silver 2021 Ford Bronco on display in the wilderness
A 2021 Ford Bronco on display | Photo via Ford

Since this 2021 Ford Bronco already has a reservation, the current holder already selected the specification. As a result, the model we’re looking at here is a Badlands trim, making it one of the most expensive available.

According to CarBuzz, the SUV on sale features both the High and Sasquatch packages. This means that whoever buys this allocation will get one of the most off-road focused versions of the Bronco with 35-inch tires. Since this one has the High Package, you’ll get a large 12-inch infotainment screen as well. If you’re optioning a 2021 Ford Bronco you have no intention of keeping, why stop there. That’s why this SUV also features the more powerful 310-hp 2.7-liter turbocharged engine.

According to CarBuzz, the seller in question is looking to get $65,000 for their 2021 Ford Bronco allocation. CarBuzz reports that this SUV should carry a price tag of around $56,200 with destination fees included. This would provide the seller a profit of almost $10,000. However, given what we’ve seen with the Sport model, some dealerships might ask much more than that.

When will this off-roading SUV officially arrive?

A photo of the Ford Bronco outdoors with its tops off.
Ford Bronco | Ford

Don’t Panic-Buy a 2021 Ford Bronco Sport for $10,000 Over Its Sticker Price

If you were lucky enough to reserve a 2021 Ford Bronco last year, you’d be getting your off-roading SUV sometime this summer. If you haven’t placed a reservation, there is no telling when your SUV will arrive. Given the delays the model has already suffered, there could be more.

However, you always have the ability to walk into a dealership and pay the markup. Since this is a mass-market vehicle, you’re better off waiting, bypassing the markups and Craigslist sellers, and paying the MSRP.