This 2020 GMC Sierra Has the Ultimate Luxury Trim

Buying a pickup truck might sound like a drab, but in with today’s competitive market, even pickup trucks have luxury options. No longer oriented just for work, many pickup trucks have added features and quality. While the never-ending battle between Dodge and Ford continues, GMC has stepped up to the plate to create one of the most luxurious pickup trucks to hit the market, and it’s definitely worth a test drive. It’s the GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali, and it’s even better than we had hoped.

The luxurious GMC option

From the outside, the GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali doesn’t look like anything special. It has the beautiful and boxy shape of the rest of the Sierra trucks, with all of the practicality. The front end is modest and does well to hide what secrets the car has in store. Upon first glance, you might not even notice that this is the luxury trim level for the Sierra.

2020 GMC Sierra Denali Interior | GMC

You might not notice it from the outside, but the moment you open the door, you can tell this isn’t your standard Sierra. While many other trim levels of the Sierra still have a lot to offer, they don’t entirely leave us in as much awe as the 3500HD Denali does. The interior is lined with high-quality materials like leather and soft-touch plastic, as well as tasteful pieces of brushed aluminum that give the interior an appropriate amount of contrast.

Performance and style

Under the hood of the GMC Sierra, 3500HD Denali is a 6.6 V8 regardless of cab size. While the truck is far too heavy to have any surprising performance numbers even with the V8, the massive displacement motor provides enough power and torque to make this a real heavy-duty option. As the name 3000HD might elude to it is also one of the largest choices for a pickup truck that GMC has to offer.

2020 GMC Sierra Denali | GMC

The Most Luxurious Compact Pickup Trucks of 2020

The GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali can tow up to as much as 14,500 lbs, and you can do it in comfort and style. It’s not only tall, but it’s also incredibly long, even as much as six feet longer than the standard passenger sedan. With the option of the extended truck bed, it is one of the longest vehicles on the road. For as large and heavy as the pickup is, it offers a pleasant driving experience and responsive steering.

As one of the most heavy-duty and luxurious pickup trucks on the market, you can also expect that it’s one of the most expensive. You can buy one brand new for around $82,000, which is far from the most expensive vehicle on the market but is pretty high for a pickup truck. Does the luxury warrant the price? We think it might.