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While the Ram ProMaster isn’t as popular as other delivery vans, it’s still a good option for your business. The cargo van model can easily be converted into a passenger shuttle with 15 seats inside. The ProMaster is also slated to go all-electric for the 2024 model year.

For now, we think that buyers will be satisfied by some extensive improvements showcased by the last two ProMaster models. Older ProMaster vans are notoriously unreliable and don’t have nice interiors. Here’s why we’d recommend getting one of the newest versions instead.

A 2021 Dodge Ram ProMaster van driving down a highway
2021 Dodge Ram ProMaster | Stellantis Media

The 2022 ProMaster vs. 2021 ProMaster

According to MotorTrend, the 2022 ProMaster has an updated nine-speed transmission. The 2021 Ram ProMaster comes equipped with a six-speed gearbox. Both vans share the same engine, a V6 capable of 280 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. 

Both ProMasters also have the same fuel economy ratings, estimated at 13/18 mpg city/highway. Each van needs 8.5 seconds to reach 60 mph, which is impressive considering their sizes. However, the 2022 model’s longer transmission should allow for more even power delivery.

The 2022 model also ditched the hydraulic steering system in favor of a variable electric power-steering setup. These simplified steering systems are more reliable, easier to control, and much less expensive to fix compared to hydraulic ones. Additionally, the 2022 ProMaster now has an electronic parking brake.

Conveniences include standard push-button start and keyless entry. The interior was also refreshed for this model year, adding rear seats for the Crew Van configuration. It also now features a modern dashboard design, which includes a bigger center touchscreen and gauge display. The standard touchscreen measures in at 7 in instead of 5, and wireless smartphone integration comes standard.

The 2022 model also offers a 10-in center touchscreen, plus a few optional safety features like a 360-degree camera. The 2021 ProMaster’s only standard advanced safety feature is crosswind steering assist. The 2022 ProMaster adds driver drowsiness monitoring, forward-collision warning, and more features that cost extra for the 2021 model.

Updates for the 2023 model year

The 2023 Ram ProMaster’s improvements might be primarily cosmetic, but they also make the van more functional. For instance, brighter LED headlights complement a more stylish front end. A blacked-out appearance upgrade was also added, along with a couple of new exterior paint options. 

The back end can now be optioned with a roll-up cargo door and silver alloy wheels are standard. The 2023 ProMaster also allows you to add adaptive cruise control and a parallel parking assist function. 

Is there any reason to buy a 2021 ProMaster?

In a pre-COVID world, you may have been able to get a cheaper ProMaster on the used market. However, listings on Carfax show that a 2021 ProMaster can cost upwards of $50,000. 

Prices vary greatly depending on the configuration you choose, but a 2022 ProMaster 1500 only retails for $38,260. The 2023 model starts at $40,635.

Though towing capacities are dependent on the van’s configuration, all of them are unchanged between each ProMaster model. Each one has a base capacity of 5,100 lbs and maxes out at 6,910 lbs. The 2023 ProMaster offers the best cargo capacity (and 10 extra in of headroom for passengers) with the new high-roof option.

Additionally, since both of the newest models have upgraded mechanical components, they will likely last longer than a 2021 model. There’s also no reason to pay more for an older van when it has fewer features. With promising present (and future) options, it’s safe to skip the 2021 ProMaster.

A New Ram ProMaster cargo van with a ladder on top.
Ram ProMaster | Stellantis

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