How Many Miles Will a Ram ProMaster Last?

The Ram ProMaster work van is a vehicle often employed by a professional fleet for some utilitarian purpose. The ProMaster is also common for folks to convert these into full-time camper vans. In addition, there are models like the Winnebago Solis that are a fabricated collaboration presented to buyers as a luxury RV. But how many miles will a Ram ProMaster last?

Is the Ram ProMaster reliable?

According to Repair Pal, the Ram ProMaster has a reliability rating of 2 out of 5. The 1500, 2500, and 3500 models actually all have that 2 out of 5 reliability rating on the Repair Pal website. The reliability ratings are given depending on the “cost, frequency, and severity of actual repairs.”

the bulbous face of a white parked ProMaster
Ram ProMaster | Ram Trucks

Furthermore, all three models of the Ram ProMaster are said to have a generally higher cost to own than the average vehicle on the road. Overall, this van isn’t getting high praise for being a super reliable truck. That doesn’t stop drivers from buying one though. The ProMaster remains a popular choice for work as well as camper van conversions.

What is the best model year for a used Ram ProMaster?

If you are shopping for a used Ram ProMaster, it’s good to keep in mind that the quality of this van will greatly depend on who owned it before you and how well they took care of it. Staying on top of maintenance and repairs contributes quite a bit to its longevity. In the question of nurture versus nature, vehicle reliability always comes down to a little bit of both.

A white 2021 Ram ProMaster van on a rural two-lane road
2021 Ram ProMaster | Stellantis

That said, according to CarComplaints, the worst mode year for a used Ram ProMaster 1500 is 2014. This model struggles with issues in important components such as the brakes. In fact, more research quickly reveals that the 2014 is reported as the worst model year for the 2500 and 3500 versions as well. So while it’s hard to say which is the best model year for a used Ram ProMaster, it’s probably safe to advise buyers against the 2014 vintage.

Ram ProMaster camper vans and RV conversions

If you convert your ProMaster into a camper van or RV, you could run into reliability issues. Especially if you end up in a 2014 model with brakes problems. However, these reported problems don’t stop builds like the Winnebago Solis.

Winnebago Solis RV camper with it's roof tent popped open, parked with a Mountain View

Winnebago Solis RV | Winnebago RV

In fact, Scenic Pathways awarded the Winnebago Solis 59PX with the title of “best in class” camper van and RV for 2021. This RV is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis. This is actually a great camper van. However, expect it to possibly deal with any of the issues a ProMaster van may manifest.

How many miles will a Ram ProMaster last?

The average vehicle is expected to run up to 200,000 miles. According to various ProMaster forums like this one, most expect the ProMaster to last at least 250,000. In fact, there are even comments testifying to up to 475,000 miles in a Ram ProMaster. Especially because their popular uses are for work fleets, camper vans, and RV conversions, there are plenty of high mileage examples of this cargo van.

a white ProMaster driving in the city
2019 Ram ProMaster | Ram Trucks

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Of course, the life expectancy of any vehicle is subjective. Proper regular maintenance is an important factor. Additionally, staying on top of any repairs and managing them in a timely fashion matters. So, if you take good care of your ProMaster, there’s no reason it shouldn’t drive well past 200,000 miles and beyond. However, you may run inter a higher cost of repairs or more frequent issues than in other vans.