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Infiniti has made some nice vehicles over the years. The Q50 is no exception, it made a bit of a splash when it rolled out in 2014. This luxury sport sedan had classic styling, plenty of tech features for that time period, and more than enough power from the engine. It was a robust offering for a luxury car that many people clamored to get their hands on.

However, this car turned out to be a disappointment for some owners. While it had some great benefits and features, some problems gave drivers headaches on more than one occasion. The Infiniti Q50 received a ton of complaints, and shows you the top three reported for the 2014 to 2015 models.

Master cylinder and pump seal failure

One of the worst problems any vehicle can have is when the brakes aren’t performing as they should. The Infiniti Q50 has had some complaints from drivers who reported that their brake pedal would feel spongy when trying to push down on the pedal.

This causes the braking distance to be much longer than normal when trying to stop the car. It can also cause accidents when braking fails. They traced the issue to a master cylinder and the plungers, or seals, located inside them. Repair Pal explains that those seals will leak internally, which doesn’t allow for enough pressure to brake properly.

To remedy this situation, you have to replace the master cylinder. They reported repair costs to be anywhere from $1,400 to $2,000. Sometimes, brake pads and rotor replacements will also accompany this repair, making the cost even more.

Some owners reported that this was an ongoing issue for them. They had to take it back to the dealership a few more times for the same problem with the master cylinder. Typically, this cylinder wouldn’t go out until around 125,000 miles, but most of the time, drivers report their vehicle had low mileage when it started giving them problems.

Infiniti Q50 brakes wear prematurely

The Infiniti Q50 has known brake issues for the 2015 model year. While brake and rotor resurfacing or replacing are nothing new with any vehicle, they typically last a long time before you notice any shuddering or issues with braking. This vehicle has brake pad and rotor problems very prematurely. One owner stated that the brakes were bad when he only had 4,500 miles on the car.

Once they were replaced, brake problems would resurface again about 7,000 miles later. The owner wasn’t hard on his brakes and didn’t need to use them excessively on his commute to and from work, but the brake pads would still wear quickly and the rotors would warp prematurely.

Repair costs could be as high $500, depending on whether the rotors could be resurfaced or if they had to be replaced. But, if you take into consideration that many have to have two to three brake jobs a year, the price would then double or triple.

Infiniti Q50 tires wear out quickly

The standard tires used on the 2015 Infiniti Q50 have proven to be of poor quality. Drivers report that these tires tend to go bad after only a few thousand miles on the car. Owners find themselves replacing them one by one as often as a standard oil change. The cost of replacing them can be as high as $650 for a set of tires.

Most owners are aware of the tire’s poor quality issues and the fact that they can split at the rim for no apparent reason. Most will replace the original set with a set of tires of a different brand and is made of higher-quality materials.

The Infiniti Q50 is a nice car to drive, but the 2014 to 2015 model years are plagued with issues that owners find too expensive to have to deal with. Avoid these two years if you’re looking for a good Q50 to be your daily commuter.