These Are the Best 2020 Honda Models You Shouldn’t Ignore

Honda is no slouch and certainly pays attention to all the details when it comes to producing top-performing models. The Japanese automaker dominates in a variety of spaces and routinely takes home the awards from critics. But putting a magnifying glass on the Honda vehicles available for 2020, you may be wondering which are the best.

In the portfolio of Honda favorites, there are a few in the lineup that beg your attention. Based on scores, expert reviews, and performance ranking, here are three Honda rides you shouldn’t ignore this year.

The ultimate Honda compilation and evaluation

It’s no secret that Honda dominates in a variety of vehicle segments. U.S. News & World Report Cars took a closer look at the entire Honda lineup, to sort through and identify which are the absolute best. To qualify their selection, the experts used overall review scores, including performance benchmarks and available equipment. You might not be surprised to learn which models came out on top.

The minivan with mega-popularity

The Honda Odyssey almost always finds itself at the top of the minivan class. And 2020 is no different with its slew of convenience features and smooth shifting, powerful engine. One of its unique differentiators is the peppy V6 engine and ten-speed automatic transmission. It’s a family favorite because it feels as though it’s been designed precisely for on-the-go parents.

Inside, the minivan offers a configurable second-row, and an even cooler, zooming, night vision cabin camera. The experts with U.S. News & World Reports Cars aren’t the only sources naming the Odyssey number one. The Edmunds gurus and others also consider this van a top pick.

The Honda Fit fits right in with the best

Meet the subcompact car that could – the 2020 Honda Fit. For those who need a versatile, fuel-efficient car with enough room to comfortably seat a few adults, this is the car, according to Car and Driver. The ride quality is smooth, and there is way more room than it appears to have on the exterior. The multi-way folding back seat is the game changer in terms of space. It’s a practical car with an incredibly reasonable price tag, making it one of the best small cars on the market today. And according to this roster of the best Honda cars, the Fit beats out ten others in the subcompact space.

The Honda crossover that tops the rest


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Coming in as the winner of the 2020 Best Compact SUV for the Money is the one and only, Honda CR-V. It bests 16 other crossovers in its class. It packages the best in cargo with capable powertrain, making it a solid must-see for those looking to buy a daily driver with comfortable legroom. The fuel-efficiency makes it easier on the wallet with fewer trips to the pump and yet still has the pickup needed on those routine commutes.

New this year, Honda tweaked the SUV’s style and dropped its 184 hp base engine. Every trim level comes standard with the turbocharged engine and the Honda Sensing suite of driver aids and safety features. It tops the compact crossover lists for other sources too, proving everyone who takes the Honda CR-V for a spin ends up loving it.

Honda is proving to be a leader in almost every vehicle segment. And based on this list compiled by the experts at U.S. News & World Report Cars, it seems there is a Honda perfect for any lifestyle and driving need. With top performers and high-value contenders in its Odyssey, Fit, and CR-V models, it’s clear Honda has the winning formula for meeting consumer demand.