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It’s pretty common for consumers to check out expert vehicle reviews before buying a new pickup. The automotive gurus take a deeper dive into any new features for the year, evaluate how vehicles drive, and usually make general recommendations regarding optimum trim levels.

When it comes to the 2020 Chevy Silverado, at least according to Consumer Reports, there’s one trim that can be the Goldilocks configurations, offering the best roster of features. If you’re thinking about parking a new Silverado in your driveway this year, it’s this trim that the experts suggest, will give you the best of both performance and amenity worlds.

What the Silverado offers in 2020

Chevrolet made a few improvements to its already popular Silverado pickup this year. You can expect an increased payload, along with a slightly higher towing capacity. The most significant upgrade may be the powertrain and fuel economy.

Enjoy a 5.3L V8 engine, now married to the eight-speed auto transmission. It’s roughly 300 pounds lighter, making acceleration quicker and fuel economy better. Also new is the availability of the 3.0L turbo diesel, six-cylinder engine, partnered with the ten-speed auto transmission.

Which Silverado trim level do the experts think is best?

The Consumer Reports experts spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the Chevy Silverado. As part of their review, they highlight the pickup’s performance and capability, in addition to reviewing the various configurations and available options.

According to the Consumer Reports gurus, the trim level that would be considered the best is the LT. And for the ultimate “sweet spot,” they suggest adding the optional Convenience Package II, which comes with a significant upgrade to the infotainment system.

So even if the 3.0L diesel might sound appealing, when it comes to overall value, cost of ownership, and diesel fuel costs, compared to available features, it’s the LT trim that wins the day.

What this trim is missing

Obviously, there’s nothing too upscale about an LT level of trim. So while it’s the ideal Goldilocks zone of configurations, you will be forgoing some extras by selecting this level of trim.

Consumer Reports does recommend the Safety Package, to add in driver aids like rear cross-traffic alerts and blind-spot monitoring. However, if you need auto emergency braking, you won’t find it in on the LT. To add in this safety feature, you’ll have to upgrade to the leather-appointed and upscale extras of the LTZ.

It may come down to price points

The Edmunds expert reviewers, much like those with Consumer Reports, evaluated this year’s Chevy Silverado and came to a different recommendation.

According to them, with all the variations and available packages, they suggest the LTZ and the High Country are the best for the full gambit of safety features, adaptive cruise, and parking sensors. But of course, you’ll pay extra for those, along with the increased level of comfort, convenience, and infotainment at those trim levels, too.

The 2020 Chevy Silverado starts around $28,000, although most configurations begin around $30,000. Opting for the High Country will run you at least $54,000. To determine the “sweet spot” level of trim that makes the most sense for you, it may come down to your budget parameters.

When you consider all the options and variations, along with bed length, cab size, engine, and trims, there are a ton from which to choose. It can be daunting. Maybe heed the advice of the expert reviewers out there to help you sort out which extras are worth the money.

Ideally, you’ll only want the best version that brings the suite of features that matter most for how you plan to use your Chevy Silverado. And at least according to the Consumer Reports folks, the LT may be the best of both worlds and the Goldilocks version for most consumers.


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