The Toyota Team Adds 4 New Athletes to Prep for Beijing 2022

The Toyota Team includes athletes that compete––or plan to––on an Olympic level. Toyota Motor North America believes as a company that the athletes’ presence on the team helps inspire throughout the company. A few days ago, Toyota announced that the team welcomes four new winter athletes in order to prep for Beijing 2022.

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“The athletes on Team Toyota inspire everyone within the company as they continue to defy odds, break down barriers, and challenge the status quo.”

Ed Laukes, group vice president, Toyota Marketing | Toyota Motor North America

Who is on the Toyota Team?

Toyota Motor North America already has a list of winter athletes on the team. These Olympic level competitors include skaters, boarders, skiers, and even a sled hockey player. By taking inspiration from all the stories of these hard-working athletes and the challenges they’ve faced and overcome to get where they are, Toyota has run the “Start Your Impossible” campaign since before the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.

“In partnering with Team Toyota athletes, the company has been able to share in this dedication and encourage others to do the same.”

Toyota Marketing | Toyota Motor North America
A photo of the Toyota logo.
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As of this writing, the Toyota Team is made up of 16 winter athletes. The roster includes figure skater Nathan Chen. Also, Alysa Liu figure skates in the women’s division. Long Track Speedskating competitor Erin Jackson also joins the list of skaters. Then there are snowboarders Red Gerard, Amy Purdy, Evan Strong, Toby Miller, and Louie Vito.

The team supports several skiers too. In fact, Andrew Kurka does Para Alpine Skiing. Oksana Masters competes at the Paralympics in the Nordic Skiing division. Danelle Umstead is another Para Alpine skier. Torin Yeter-Wallace competes in Freestyle Skiing.

It’s doesn’t stop there. There are more winter athletes on the list than skaters, snowboarders, and skiers. Chris Madzer is a Luge competitor. In addition, there’s a sled hockey player named Rico Roman. With this roster, Toyota plans to support these athletes until and through the Beijing 2022 games.

New winter athletes for Toyota Motor North America and the Toyota Team

Of all the winter athletes on Toyota’s Olympic and Paralympic roster, four are new. Erin Jackson, Long Track Speedskater, is one of the newcomers. There are also Andrew Kurka and Alysa Liu. These winter athletes will participate in Para Alpine Skiing and Figure skating (respectively) for the Beijing 2022 games. In addition, Team Toyota welcomes Chris Madzer who competes in the Luge.

“We’re so happy to welcome Erin, Chris, Andrew and Alysa to the Team Toyota family,”  

Dedra DeLilli, Olympic and Paralympic Marketing | Toyota Motor North America

We can expect to see Toyota run various ads for different models across the lineup with various winter athletes on this list. With inspiration from both Olympic and Paralympic competitors, Toyota plans to forge ahead into the future of both sports and the auto industry. With a model that fits the lifestyle of just about every type of athlete or competitor, Toyota seeks to connect with both the athletes and their fans.