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There are die-hard Chevrolet Corvette fans and bleeds-Bimmer BMW fanatics. However, many automaker loyalists would gladly jump ship for their ideal spec and generation of the Porsche 911. It’s fast, striking, surprisingly practical, and steeped in history. However, owners and hopefuls might not know that the 911 takes the cake regarding value retention and resisting depreciation – with a caveat. 

A set of 992 Porsches under an overhead light.
A set of 992 Porsche 911s | Porsche

Unfortunately, depreciation is inevitable across segments, makes, and models. However, some vehicles retain value better than others. Such is the case for Zuffenhausen’s favorite child: the Porsche 911.

According to the latest five-year depreciation data, the hardtop 911 not only topped the marque’s offerings but it also took the No. 1 spot on the list of vehicles with the best value retention.

Specifically, the 911 Coupe is the only popular nameplate with sub-10% depreciation over a half-decade. The data excludes rarer supercars, hypercars, and luxury models, but the 911 still comes out on top. However, the convertible model, the 911 Cabriolet, depreciates as much as 2.8 times as much as its hardtop sibling. 

ModelAverage 5-year depreciationAverage difference from MSRP
911 Cabriolet26.0%$42,227
718 Cayman17.6%$13,372

Of course, depreciation is a blessing in disguise for used car shoppers and bargain hunters. Waiting patiently drops prices among coveted cars to attainable values every year. For instance, the Chevrolet Corvette ditches an average of 27.5% of its original MSRP in the first five years of ownership. That means fans could get their hands on the last model year of the C7 generation for around $22,712 less than the original sticker price.

Still, any luxury or performance car that bargain hunters snag after the effects of depreciation will have specific challenges. For instance, five-year-old cars, depending on make and model, forfeit their basic mechanical warranty. That means owners are on the hook for parts and repairs that would otherwise benefit from warranty coverage. 

What’s more, aging luxury cars have a propensity for expensive maintenance. Sure, a depreciation-deflated price tag might seem attractive on your used dream car. But you may pay for it in pricey repairs.

Source: iSeeCars Value Study


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