The Perfect Hunting or Camping Buddy Is a Golf Cart With an Off-Road Conversion

Side-by-side ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are popular choices for hunters and campers. The vehicles provide the ability to travel trails and across the terrain to the favorite hunting or camping spot. But, there is another alternative. There are many off-road conversion packages for golf carts. 

Golf carts can receive conversions

A gray golf cart headed to a marina
2020 E-Z-Go Express S4 golf cart | E-Z-Go

Many years ago, I looked at the possibility of opening a custom golf cart shop. You can find that story here. To make a long story short, I did not create that shop. But, I digress. The point is, while I was studying that idea out, I learned that customizing these carts is similar to customizing cars, but on a smaller scale. 

Okay, so now you are wondering what the point is of my ranting. Here it is. If you can customize a car or truck, you can customize a golf cart. More specifically, if you can put a lift kit, big tires, fender flares, and light bars or rifle racks on a Chevrolet Silverado, you can do the same for a golf cart. The aftermarket support is there for many of the cart platforms to support such projects. So, they can be as blinged-out, slammed, lifted, or stereo thumping as you like. 

Many people associate hunting or camping with established ATV brands like Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, and others. But, the reality is that throwing a camo wrap on and a lift kit with big tires on golf carts would be just as effective with brands like Club Car and EZ Go. Plus, it would be a fun weekend project. 

Here is another thought. It is not unusual for golf carts to be electric-powered. That means that in a hunting or camping environment, one of these carts can stealthily arrive onsite. Try that in a typical gas-powered ATV. 

What is needed for an off-road golf cart conversion?

What is needed for an off-road conversion? The typical off-road conversion of a golf cart will require a lift kit, heavy-duty leaf springs, bigger tires and wheels, a push bar with winch, and upgraded motors (for better torque), and a Lithium-Ion battery upgrade. That’s the basics. Then you can look at the niceties like an upgraded stereo and speakers, or fancy seating and paint job. 

The great thing about customizing a golf cart is that most of these things listed above are bolt-ons from aftermarket manufacturers. Depending on the brand of the cart, every one of those things may be available, including replacement bodies. 

It is easy to get carried away

A red lifted golf Club Car golf cart.
2020 Club Car lifted cart | Ingersoll Rand

Custom Golf Cart Body Kits Are Real and Awesome

It is easy to get carried away with customizing any vehicle. So, it is important to keep in mind its ultimate use. For example, a rifle rack may be necessary for a golf cart converted as an off-road hunting buddy. On the other hand, cushy upgraded seats, diamond-stitched floor mats, and a booming stereo system may be more appropriate for the off-road camping buddy. 

Golf carts are not just for tournament courses. Entire communities have sprung up around the idea of the golf cart as the preferred mode of transportation. But, it does not have to stop there either. Camping and hunting expeditions are a lot more accessible when you have an off-road converted electric cart as a buddy.