The Nissan 400Z Won’t Be Enough to Save Nissan

The long-awaited unveiling of the new Nissan sports car, the 400Z, has finally been unveiled. Some people love it, others hate it, but either way, it is still a hot topic. In a constant hope to keep the Nissan brand afloat, the new Nissan 400Z is supposed to be the brands saving grace. Will it be enough to save Nissan?

Saving Nissan

Affordable sports cars seem to be popular no matter the brand, and the z cars have always sold well for Nissan. The 350Z and 370Z were great cars for many reasons. They were affordable to purchase as well as maintain, and they were so common that they became a popular platform for customization and modifications. Year after year, people have continued to love those cars, so it makes sense to assume that they would love the Nissan 400Z just as much.

The rear 3/4 view of the yellow 2020 Nissan Z Proto Concept
2020 Nissan Z Proto Concept rear 3/4 | Nissan

Will it be enough

The Nissan 400Z doesn’t exactly get bonus points for practicality. While it does have a decent sized trunk, the two seats and limited interior space will keep you from making this your family vehicle. The new sports car was designed to be more of a fun driving, good handling car that anyone can buy and feel confident in. The real question is if there is enough of a consumer market for it to really make a difference for Nissan.

2022 Nissan 400Z | Nissan-2
2022 Nissan 400Z | Nissan

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Only time will tell

Only time will tell if the new 400Z will be enough to rebrand the Nissan name. With years of history, it’s hard to imagine the brand as anything different. Nissan is known for having relatively reliable and inexpensive cars. On the other hand, they aren’t known for being high quality or providing impressive performance. After all, that isn’t what the brand aimed to offer consumers. The new 400Z was supposed to be the balance that brought both worlds together.

2022 Nissan 400Z | Nissan-5
2022 Nissan 400Z | Nissan

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Love it or hate it, the new Nissan 400Z will definitely grow on you. As the newest model to the z car lineup, there is a lot of heritage and history behind the car. With so many popular cars being remade, from the Toyota Supra to the Acura NSX, if the 400Z offers nothing else, it offers nostalgia.