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The Motor City just hosted the reveal of the newest muscle car in the American automotive industry: the new seventh-gen Ford Mustang. It’s an impressive next step for the country’s oldest pony car and beloved good-time machine. However, it has big shoes to fill with replacing the outgoing sixth-generation car. Here are three ways the old S550 sixth-gen Mustang is better than the new S650 car. 

What years are the S550 Mustang?

Ford first sold the outgoing sixth-gen S550 Ford Mustang in 2015 to a controversial reception among fans. The newer, more modern design of the S550 proved to be a stark departure from the outgoing S197’s retro flare. Still, after the 2017 model year, Ford gently refreshed the fascia and chambered taillights once again. Now, Ford is putting the S550 out to pasture before the 2024 model year. 

The new seventh-gen Ford Mustang has a few issues to overcome to best the old S550 sixth-gen car.
2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost | Ford

Enter the S650, the new seventh-gen Ford Mustang. It looks a bit like the outgoing S550, but it’s quite different. However, the new car is just that: new. As a result, the S550 offers a robust used car market and aftermarket options for enthusiasts who want to modify and personalize their cars. 

What special editions does the new seventh-gen Mustang offer compared to the old S550?

The new seventh-generation car isn’t going to offer the same volume of special edition cars as the old S550 sixth-gen car right off the bat. For instance, the S550 Mustang offered a Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500, Bullitt, and Mach 1, to name a few. However, the S650 will likely offer some of these models again over time. It would be pretty awesome to see an S650 Boss Mustang. 

A new seventh-gen Ford Mustang offers a lot, but it has big shoes to fill against the old S550 sixth-gen car.
The seventh-gen Mustang will offer a convertible | Ford

Instead, the 2024 Ford Mustang hit the stage with a single special edition, the Dark Horse. The Dark Horse is a 500-horsepower track-ready Mustang with its own bespoke badge. However, with acts like the Shelby GT500 and Bullitt to follow, it will be a while before the S650 has as many special edition offerings.  

The old S550 Ford Mustang offers special editions like the Bullitt that the new car doesn't yet.
2019 Mustang Bullitt | Ford

How expensive are the new seventh-gen Mustangs?

The new Ford Mustangs are arriving with new car price tags. For instance, Car and Driver estimates the new GT will start at $40,000 before dealer markup. However, customers can snag a preowned sixth-generation Mustang for much less. If you’re willing to buy a pre-facelift sixth-gen Ford Mustang, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) says a 2015 GT Premium could cost you as little as $26,757 with average mileage. 

Of course, if you want a special edition car, you can find an S550 Bullitt, Mach 1, or Shelby GT350 before they’re unobtainable.  

Should you buy a new seventh-gen Mustang or buy an old S550?

The new seventh-generation Ford Mustang is an exciting evolution in the book of pony cars. It has a new look, a modern, intuitive interior, and a track-ready Dark Horse edition with a brand new bespoke badge. However, if you want a vehicle with similar styling, a V8 engine, lots of special editions, and a used car price tag, opt for a good old S550. Scroll down to the following article to read more about the Ford Mustang!


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