The Kimbo 6 Is the Best Slide-In Truck Camper

There are many camping options on the market ranging from RVs to truck campers. Finding the one that offers the most for your hard-earned money isn’t easy. 

Popular Mechanics reviewed tons of camping units from many segments and chose one in each class to add to their list of the best campers available for purchase. Popular Mechanics chose the Kimbo 6 for the number one slide-in truck camper, so let’s look at why they felt it was the best. 

What Popular Mechanics reviewers found impressive

Popular Mechanics based their findings on camper units that, first and foremost, provided the utmost in safety. Then they focused on companies with an excellent reputation for building these campers and had the creative know-how in designing them. Last, they looked for affordability in the end-product. 

They felt the Kimbo 6 was the best slide-in camper in that segment. It offers plenty of features for an affordable price. You get 6 feet and five inches of headroom, so you don’t need to worry about stooping to get around. They make the outside shell of tough aluminum, which they riveted together for added strength. The walls have R5 rated insulation covered by water-resistant interior fabric. 

Over the truck’s cab is a loft bed space that’s 54×75 inches. You will also get double-paned windows with screens and a pair of cushioned sofa benches. 

As for standard equipment, you can expect to get 120-volt inputs, a Yeti solar setup, and a propane tank cubby. Popular Mechanics really loved the projector, movie screen that retracts, and the propane-powered furnace. Can you go wrong with the Kimbo slide-in? You can’t unless you want an over the top truck camper

What do you get with the Kimbo 6?

The base camper, according to Kimbo Living, offers a roof-vent fan with a skylight, LED lighting on the interior, and solar lights for the perimeter. You’ll also get a 12-volt battery that’s sealed and 110-volt outlets with USB ports for your phones and devices. 

The Kimbo 6 comes with removable jack lifts that are mounted on the side of the truck, a ladder to access the roof should you need to, and tie-down brackets as well. 

The interior comes with a utility closet for your gear, fire extinguisher for safety, and blackout shades to ensure a good night’s rest. To purchase the camper’s base package, it’s $19,999, which is much cheaper than most camper vans out there. 

There are some decent add-on options that are also impressive. You can add a propane fireplace that comes with a chimney for $1,600. If you want to go solar, you can install a rooftop solar system for only $700 more. For workspace, you can opt for a wooden desk/storage unit for $600. 

For $1,900, you can add a kitchen area with a sink, utilizing the space near the door. You can add the air conditioning unit and storage bay for another $900.  You can also opt for a fold-out showering unit for only $1,300. 

Is the Kimbo 6 right for your situation?


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The Kimbo 6 slide-in camper unit fits a mid-size or larger pickup. It’s best used on a 6 foot or larger truck bed. Weight is another important factor to take into account. The base camper unit, alone, weighs approximately 930 lbs. With all the add-ons they offer, included in the camper, the unit weighs approximately 1,100 lbs. 

Price ranges from $19,999 for the base up to $29,999 after all the add-ons. Installation costs of the add-ons are included in the module prices, which is a bonus. Compare that cost to any other motorhome or RV on the market

The Kimbo 6 slide-in camper is a good choice if you’re traveling light and don’t want to deal with hotels or motels along the way. For the price, it’s not only affordable but offers durability so your investment will last a long time.