5 of the Most Badass Camper Trucks in the World


Step back, these aren’t your grandpa’s Airstream trailer or Winnebago.

Most people have had the chance at some point in their lives to hang out in a camper, whether it be on a trip to the great outdoors, or simply walking through one at a friend’s house or car lot. The novelty of taking the comfort of the home and bringing it on the road has not been lost in the past several decades, and road trips are often a rite of passage for many young people growing up in America.

Well, there are some campers out there that will leave you in awe of just how far some people are willing to push the envelope.

Traditionally reserved for professional researchers, explorers, and aristocrats with a taste for adventure, the world’s flashiest and hardiest camper trailers and trucks aren’t often seen in your standard campground. Instead, these vehicles are built for the toughest environments on earth, which can be the frozen wastes of the poles, the deep jungles of South America and Asia, or even the expansive deserts and mountain ranges of North America and Africa.

Outfitted with every creature comfort imaginable, these campers are more akin to a night in a hotel than in the bush. With fully-furnished interiors, stocked kitchens, bathrooms and all manner of extras, these vehicles will flip everything you thought you knew about ‘roughing it’ on its head.

Want to hit the mountains in style? Read on to see five of the most badass camper trucks and trailers in the world.

Source: Tonke/Facebook

1. Tonke

Building campers one-by-one in a workshop in the Netherlands, Tonke is a small company that creates some of the finest camper trailers in the world. Each camper Tonke builds is custom-made by a four-man team. The company’s catalog includes a number of different products, including vans, truck campers, and travel trailers. The even build specialized eco lodges for more permanent settlements. Since there are so many plans to choose from, and the ability to customize designs, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your family or just a group of buddies. Most feature kitchenettes, dining areas, and room for sleeping. This is definitely one way to hit the outdoors with style and comfort.

Source: Tonke

Source: Global Expedition Vehicles

2. Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia

Global Expedition Vehicles has definitely cemented its place as one of the world’s leading outdoors companies. Their collection of off-road and camping vehicles is unparalleled, and one of the company’s most impressive offerings is the Patagonia. The Patagonia has the aesthetics of a heavy-duty military vehicle, so just imagine what it’s capable of in a less-serious role. Like Tonke, Global Expedition Vehicles builds its units according to customer specifications and uses a variety of different companies for chassis options. Customers can opt to go with a Ford or Freightliner, for example. Prices are steep, and customers can expect to pay between $139,000 and $490,000 for the company’s vehicles.

Source: Action Camper

3. Jeep Action Camper

The Jeep Action Camper might look like overkill, but it sure is cool. Built specifically to fit on the back of Jeep’s wrangler models, these camper additions take a Jeep’s capabilities into overdrive. Prices start at just under $30,000, and they can accommodate two people. A sleeping area and kitchenette are included, effectively turning the Jeep from a simple off-road vehicle into a rolling cabin. ActionCamper also makes other products that can turn Jeep models into off-road warriors, including swing-out tire carriers. For a cool camper option on a budget, the Jeep Action Camper is relatively inexpensive, and pretty badass as well.

Source: Action Camper

Source: Unicat

4. Unicat TerraCross

This might be the pinnacle of badass right here. The Unicat TerraCross has a similar look and feel to the Patagonia from previously on the list, offering a sound alternative to Global Expedition Vehicles’ mammoth camper. The TerraCross comes in a variety of different variations, depending on the size of your party and travel plans. The largest model, the TerraCross 59, can accommodate between four and six adults and has bunk beds, a convertible sofa, and a double bed. As you can expect, prices vary wildly, and largely depend on the specifications of the customer. But expect to look at a price tag well into the six-figures.

Source: Unicat

Source: Global Expedition Vehicles/Facebook

 5. Global Expedition Vehicles Turtle

Don’t let the ‘turtle’ moniker throw you off, this model from Global Expedition Vehicles shares little with the shelled animal other than hardiness. Like the Patagonia, the Turtle can be built on a variety of customer-specified trucks, giving each particular unit its own unique look and feel. Popular truck choices include the Ford F-450 and 550, as well as the Dodge 4500 and 5500, meaning that if you have experience driving a heavy-duty pickup, the Turtle may be similar, albeit with plenty of equipment on the back. The Turtle comes with a kitchenette, shower, toilet, and sleeping area. Off-roading and camping never looked so luxurious.

Source: Global Expedition Vehicles/Facebook

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