The Honda Ridgeline Is The Most Comfortable Daily Driver

Do you want to ride in comfort and style? Then the Honda Ridgeline could be your perfect truck. Other options considered to be comfortable daily drivers, like the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, raise the price of comfort by a substantial amount. However, the Ridgeline delivers a smooth ride with tons of savings. 

The Honda Ridgeline Is The Best Daily Driver 

Now the Honda Ridgeline does have a higher price tag compared to other midsize trucks. It starts around $33k, while the Ford Ranger starts around $23k, and the Toyota Tacoma starts around $26k. 

2019 Honda Ridgeline
2019 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

However, the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro starts around $48k. Another comfortable truck that competes for being the best daily driver is the Ram 1500 Laramie, which starts around $40k. Therefore you can save thousands of dollars by going with the Ridgeline for a comfortable ride. 

What Makes The Honda Ridgeline Comfortable?

The Suspension Is Smooth 

The Honda Ridgeline is known for its unibody frame. It’s the only truck in the US with a unibody frame available right now, giving it an advantage.

Unibody frames are known for providing a smoother ride because they weigh less and have car-like handling. Often, unibody frames have better cornering and a better fuel economy. 

2019 Honda Ridgeline
2019 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Plus, the Ridgeline has a MacPherson strut suspension in the front and a multi-link suspension in the rear to absorb impacts. The stabilizer bars in the front and rear also provide a smoother ride. 

With a ground clearance of only 7,” the Honda Ridgeline sits a bit lower. The lower center of gravity provides a sportier feel. Also, it comes with 18” tires. Tires of a bigger size would improve off-roading capability but would impact the ride as well. 

The Seats Are Made For Comfort 

The front driver’s seat is a 10-way power seat with power lumbar support. You can adjust this seat to your personal comfort preferences to enjoy the ride. Plus, you can set the truck to remember your favorite seat settings. 

The front passenger seat is a four-way power seat, allowing your passenger to adjust to their personal comfort preferences. The front seats are also heated with heater vents. 

Plus, the rear seats have a 60/40 split and can be lifted out of the way to enhance your storage needs. 

With the most passenger space out of all midsize trucks and hidden storage bins under the rear seat, there is more than enough room for the entire family to take comfortable trips. 

2020 Honda Ridgeline | Honda-0
2020 Honda Ridgeline

Also, the tri-zone automatic climate control will allow all of your passengers to remain comfy without fighting over if it’s too hot or cold. 

Because the 8” infotainment center can connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it’s easy to connect your favorite devices quickly. With the truck bed audio system, you can even hear your favorite tunes outside too. 

Best of all, the Honda Ridgeline is loaded with safety features, allowing you to relax. The blind-spot monitor, forward collision prevention, and more will keep you and your family members safer.