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The Chevrolet Corvette is well into its eighth generation. Along with the adoption of a mid-engine layout, the C8 hosts the high-revving Z06. However, the Z06 isn’t alone at the top of the model’s range; the new Corvette E-Ray is the nameplate’s first hybridized and all-wheel drive (AWD) model. Still, even with four-wheeled grip and a hybrid platform, the E-Ray is hopeless to provide the same thrill as the C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06’s flat-plane V8 takes the ‘Vette to new levels of pantomime

A Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray drives on a coastal highway.
Chevy Corvette E-Ray | General Motors

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 exploded into the model’s lineup with more power, grip, and personality than the base Stingray. However, many fans expected forced induction to power the Z06 like the previous model. Instead, Chevrolet went with a naturally aspirated, flat-plane crankshaft 5.5L LT6 V8.

However, opting for the flat-plane V8 pushed the Corvette to previously uncharted territory. With an 8,600 rpm redline, the Z06 sings a soundtrack akin to an orchestral Ferrari 458. Gone is the lazier song of the 6.2L LT2 V8 from the Stingray and, for that matter, the hybrid E-Ray. And I didn’t miss the lazy bellow of the Stingray’s V8 on the track. Instead, I enjoyed an operatic performance from the Z06.

What’s more, the C8 Z06’s V8 has a special claim to fame. The Z06 is the most powerful factory naturally aspirated V8 car ever made. With 670 horsepower on tap, the Z06 is second only to the now-discontinued C7 ZR1 and its volcanic 755-horsepower supercharged LT5 V8. 

That said, the Z06 has a rival in its lineup: the Corvette E-Ray. However, instead of a high-revving V8, the E-Ray marries an N/A LT2 V8 and a front-mounted electric motor. The result? The E-Ray produces 655 ponies and sends power to all four corners, which means more grip than its rear-wheel drive (RWD) counterparts. Still, the Z06’s tail-happy antics, ballistic in-corner performance, and ear-tickling song make for a more engaging experience. 

While the Z06 is more theatrical, the E-Ray is faster to 60 mph

Despite the Z06’s epic performance credentials and exciting driving dynamics, the E-Ray beats it to 60 mph. However, the Z06’s extra power and lighter weight means a faster ¼ mile and a higher top speed.

Model0-60 mph¼ mileTop speed
C8 Z062.6 seconds10.5 seconds189 mph
C8 E-Ray2.5 seconds10.6 seconds183 mph

However, the Z06 will remain the more exciting of the two. Keep up with MotorBiscuit for the latest car content!