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If you’re a fan of noir cars on the big screen, you’ve likely seen the 1970 Chevy Nova from Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 film “Death Proof.” The movie includes the antithesis of a flashy luxury ride, a blacked-out Chevrolet Nova with a unique derivation of the Jolly Roger emblazoned on its hood. Beyond the screen time, the Death Proof car has an interesting story.  

What year of Nova was in ‘Death Proof?’

The classic Chevrolet Nova from Tarantino’s “Death Proof” is a 1970 model. Of course, the car is far from how it looked when it rolled off the line in the 70s. The vehicle, destined for on-screen shenanigans more suited for an airplane than a car, packs a full roll cage. Not only that, but the “Death Proof” muscle car had a backup car, a consumable ride with the famous rollover stunt in its sights.

Therein lies the anecdote surrounding the blacked-out Nova and its angry duck hood ornament. The stunt car, known as “The Jesus,” ended up in the hands of Kenan Hooker for just $500. 

The 1970 Chevy Nova from ‘Death Proof’ has an interesting story

The 1970 Chevy Nova was the car called "The Jesus" on the set of "Death Proof."
Tape labeling Hooker’s car ‘The Jesus’ | Hoonigan

Kenan Hooker, son of the Buddy Hooker who performed the stunts on the set of “Death Proof,” ended up with the keys to “The Jesus” as his very first car. His father completed the stunt with the first 1970 Chevy Nova, “The Prius.” After that stroke of skill and luck, Tarantino sold the Hooker family the second Nova. 

According to Yahoo!News, “The Jesus” had the screen-appropriate treatment: a 350ci SBC V8, black vinyl wrap, and the angry duck on its bow. However, Hooker couldn’t leave it be. He bored the 350 to 383 cubic inches (a popular displacement among hot rodders), added performance parts, and removed the murderous plexiglass. The result? Kenan Hooker had one seriously cool first car. 

Where is the ‘Death Proof’ 1970 Chevy Nova today?

Kenan Hooker, who went on to work for Hoonigan as a production assistant, kept the car since his dad gave it to him. Few people can say they still have their first car. Fewer people had the keys to one of the baddest Hollywood cars ever as a first ride.

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