The BMW X3 Hybrid is the Surprising Winner of This Title

The BMW X3 sits comfortably between the category of entry-level luxury SUVs and full-scale luxury SUVs. For the price, it offers everything you’re looking for without requiring the same monthly payments of some of the brand’s more expensive models. With the hybrid drivetrain option, the 2021 BMW X3 wins its spot at the top with this reviewer’s list of best luxury SUV hybrids.

The top-rated luxury SUV

According to Edmunds, the 2021 BMW X3 is among one of the best options for a luxury hybrid SUV, winning it a spot at the top of the list. With an overall score of 8.1 out of a potential 10, the website notes that this SUV is incredibly well-rounded, offering a little bit of something for everyone and filling most needs. It comes at a price, though, and while it’s far from the most expensive new SUV on the market, it will still cost a pretty penny at a starting price of just under $50,000, making it more expensive than the standard model X3.

BMW and Mini logos on signs at a car dealership with a blue sky in the background
BMW and Mini logos | Artur Debat via Getty Images

A luxurious interior

As a luxury car, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the 2021 BMW X3 hybrid has a beautiful interior. It received high marks for its comfortable and spacious front and rear seats that pairs well with a sturdy ride quality both on the road and off of it. The cabin is lined with a mixture of soft-touch materials and leathers that will make you want to sit in the car for a few additional minutes, even after you’ve parked it for the day.

The side profile of a white bmw x3 with mountains in the distance
Side profile of a 2021 BMW X3 | BMW

High tech touch

The 2021 BMW X3 also comes with standard or optional varieties of all of the latest and greatest tech features most drivers are looking for today. For the most part, driving aids to come optional depending on trim level and add-ons, but forward collision warning and more basic aids come as a standard. While it may not have the fun and enjoyable Easter Eggs as some Tesla SUVs, you won’t find yourself disappointed with the tech offerings of the X3.


Choosing the 2021 BMW X3 Over the Mercedes-Benz GLC Could Save You $1,000

Overall the 2021 BMW X3 hybrid received outstanding scores for every category rated by Edmunds, giving in the title of #1 luxury SUV hybrid on their list. While the price may be higher than some of their lower model SUV options, reports show that it’s well worth every dime.