The Best Used Ford Transit Years Are Worth Hunting for

When it comes to work vans, cargo vans, and passenger vans, the Ford Transit dominates the US market. Other options such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or the Nissan NV are also compelling choices. But the Ford Transit or––T-Series as some call it––is the class leader in many ways.

new or used, the Ford transit––like this blue one infant of a modern home––are great work vans
Ford Transit | Ford Media

Sure, it doesn’t offer a V8 like the boxy NV. Or the class-leading 5,000 pound payload of a Sprinter van. But the Ford Transit is a very versatile work van that provides an array of possible uses for its owners.

How much does a new Ford Transit cost?

If you were to go the dealership for a Ford Transit, it would cost at least $34,510 for a new cargo van. The price of a new Ford passenger van is $40,180, according to the Ford website. The 2020 Ford Transit T-Series is pretty exciting.

The new version of this cargo and passenger van now offers a new “in-between” option that the old Ford Transit did not. A crew cargo van is now available. Seating and cargo combine for maximum job site hauling efficiency. But, as with many completely updated redesign years, it may be wise to wait a year or two before buying one of these fresh Ford work vans.

A gray Ford Transit with a custom roof mount driving through the city
Ford Transit | Ford Media

What is the best used Transit van?

If you are looking for a good used cargo van, there are some good ones that are worth hunting for. But first, it’s important to know what you are in search of. The Ford Transit offers three different roof heights and three different lengths.

According to FarOutRide, High Roof (HR), Medium Roof (MR), and Low Roof (LR) are the options if you want to buy a used Ford Transit. HR models are much more difficult to find, but they are worth hunting for if you find one. While there are some––especially the used passenger van seekers––that don’t need the extra height, it is a welcome addition for most.

Additionally, there are a few different engine options out there. The debut of the Transit cargo as we know it hit the market in 2016 with three options. A 3.7 liter 275 horsepower V6 with roughly 14/18 mpg city/highway mpg.

Then there is also the more robust Ecoboost V6 good for 310 horsepower with 15/19 city/highway mpg. Plus, a diesel engine option for the T-Series. Once you decide your roof height and powertrain preference, it is easier to hunt down your perfect used Transit cargo or Transit passenger van.

a white work van towing a trailer
2020 Ford Transit | Ford Media

Best years for a used Ford cargo or passenger van

According to Transit van owners on this forum, the Transit went largely unchanged from 2016-2018. 2019 Ford Transits saw some minor updates, then the 2020 Ford Transit gets a full refresher with new engine options and some minor cosmetic tweaks. While there have been some gnarly problems reported for certain Ford Transit model years, the van is reliable overall.

If you are seeking new tech, the 2018 Transit is a great year for the used Ford Transit. According to MotorTrend, the 2018 Ford transit got a nice high-placed rearview camera in addition to some other welcome updates like power folding heated rearview mirrors. The 2019 Transit added a few goodies as well.

“The Transit can be had with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, lane-keeping assist, power running boards, rear parking sensors, and more.”

Car and Driver
White 2018 Ford Transit equipped with Agile OffRoad's lift kit, side view
2018 Ford Transit equipped with Agile OffRoad’s lift kit | Agile OffRoad

2017, 2018, and 2019 model years are all winners

If you are seeking a new work van or passenger van for the crew. Whether your crew is made up of tough be-denimed hardhat wearers or self-dressed pretend hardhat wearers, a used Ford Transit will likely be a great choice for your needs. The newer the better, as most vehicle generations do get better with age.


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The 2017 Ford Transit will be a better deal. But if you want more techie options a 2019 van will be more up your alley. Either way, if you go with a used Ford van from model years 2017 or newer you probably won’t be disappointed. Whether you call it the Transit or the T-Series, this Ford van is a workhorse.