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Driving your car should be convenient and fun. But for people who suffer from back pain, driving can be a painful burden. The people at BackerNation know how important it is to find a car that doesn’t hurt your back. Here are their top picks for the best cars for people with back pain.

1. Kia Optima

A white Kia Optima at and auto show
Kia Optima | via Getty Images

Kia combines reliability and affordability to create its well-known, diverse lineup. The Kia Optima is economically priced, but offers a stylish design, reliable performance, and great standard features. Depending on the trim, you can enjoy up to a 12-way, power-adjustable driver’s seat with complete lumbar support.

Your seat can heat or ventilate your back and comes made with quality-made upholstery materials. Drivers also don’t have to worry about moving around thanks to advanced features like blind-spot collision warning, forward collision-avoidance assistance, and parking assistance technology.

2. Cadillac CT6

A white Cadillac CT6 at an auto show
Cadillac CT6 | via Getty Images

Cadillac is known for building luxury vehicles at competitive prices. The CT6 is one of Cadillac’s most popular models, and it’s easy to see why. Not just aesthetically pleasing, the CT6 is high-performing, reliable, and ultra-comfortable. The large sedan’s build makes it easy to enter and exit. Plush seating ensures you can drive long distances.

In addition to personalizing your seating with multiple settings, the CT6 can optimize your back comfort with heating, cooling, and massage functions. According to Car and Driver, the Cadillac CT6 also comes standard with many driver-assistance features that let you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

3. Lexus LS

According to Edmunds, the Lexus LS is available in various trims. The ride in a Lexus vehicle is unrivaled, and with the LS as its flagship model, it’s a cut above the rest. The LS offers a wide array of adjustable settings for your seat, specially crafted as a “16-way power driver seat.”

You won’t have to worry about the drive being rough on your back, with smooth automatic transmission, superior handling, and impressive braking performance. Its low center of gravity hugs every corner of the road, meaning your back won’t leave the comfort of the palatial driver seat.

4. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

A blue Mercedes-Benz E-Class at an auto show
Mercedes-Benz E-Class | via Getty Images

With Mercedes-Benz’s Active MultiContour Seat package, the E-Class sedan is built for people with back problems. According to Autobytel, the E-Class features high-quality leather, as well as a host of features to provide you with the best driving experience possible. You can enjoy full climate control access, an active seat bottom, and an endless range of adjustability options.

If that isn’t enough, E-Class seating features an extensive range of massage functions, including specific modes designed for stimulating tired backs or mimicking a hot-stone massage. No matter where you go in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, your back will enjoy world-class comfort.

5. BMW 7 Series

The 7 Series is one of BMW’s larger sedans, making it the ideal candidate for cruising in comfort. It comes with the same high-performing engine, transmission, and suspension system you would expect from BMW, with everything you need to take care of your back properly. Drivers can enjoy multi-contoured, 20-way adjustable seating with an articulated backrest in the front, while passengers in the back can enjoy ultra-plush seating with heating, ventilation, and eight massage functions.

Back pain hurts, but these cars can help

Having chronic back pain can be a serious issue, which can be exacerbated whenever you drive. Fortunately, these five cars can help alleviate the pain when you’re on the road.