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The Toyota Tacoma has always been a go-to for the overlanding homies. It is nimble, strong, and efficient. The only issue with it being an overlanding rig is that it’s so small. Finally, after all this time, the Toyota Tacoma has a pop-up camper shell that attaches directly to the factory 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Is there a bolt-on pop-up camper shell for the Toyota Tacoma? 

Not only has GoFastCampers (GFC) finally given us a proper pop-up camper shell for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, but it is already out before the truck is. So, if you are waiting for your new Toyota Tacoma, you can go ahead and order the camper now. 

If you aren’t familiar with GFC, the company has been making campers for the Tacoma from the start. The Tacoma is part of the brand’s ethos. Let’s check it out.

The GoFastCamper Tacoma pop-up camper

GoFastCampers mounted pop-up camper shell on a Toyota Tacoma.
GFC Toyota Tacoma Camper | GFC

According to GFC, this new camper is designed to fit both the five- and six-foot versions of the Tacoma, with the two options weighing in at 266 and 278 lb, respectively. The camper uses a honeycomb roof and aluminum space frame to achieve a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on strength. Speaking of strength, the roof of the camper shell can also withstand 500 lbs. The super low weight of the camper shell is only the beginning of what makes this new product so special. 

While it barely asks anything of your Tacoma weight-wise, it also only adds 6.8 inches to the Tacoma’s overall height. Before you start worrying about the height, remember this thing is a pop-up. Once fully unfurled, the GFC Tacoma camper shell gives occupants a full eight feet to stand up and stretch out. The sleeping area measures 50 x 90 inches, and it comes complete with a 3-inch-thick dual-density memory foam mattress. 

Underneath the camper top, the Tacoma’s bed is still totally useable. Granted, you won’t be able to use it like you normally would, given the roof, but the bed is clear and open. 

Is there an affordable Tacoma Camper shell? 

White Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro pickup truck off-roading in Hawaii
2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

The best part about the GFC camper shell is that it only costs $7,700. I understand that this isn’t a small number, but when you compare this – plus the cost of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma – it is a reasonable price to transform such a great truck into a camper. Hell, roof tents can easily run over $5,000. The GFC pop-up camper shell is far superior to most roof tents. 

For now, the lead time for pre-orders is about 10-12 weeks before GFC confirms your custom build and begins to make it to order. That is a pretty long wait, but it’s not likely to be a problem, considering you won’t need the camper if your 2024 Tacoma has yet to be delivered in the first place. GFC stated that the earliest delivery for any of these campers will happen no sooner than January 4th, 2024.