The 2021 Chevy Colorado Just Got a Massive Discount

Every so often, things work the way they are supposed to. However, we recently saw the 2021 GMC Sierra get a price bump even though it was ranked last in its class by Consumer Reports. This is what you call a “hard sell.” At least something at GM reflects reality with the newly announced discount for another lowest-ranked truck in its class, the 2021 Chevy Colorado. 

Consumer Reports gave the Chevy Colorado a terrible review and the sales reflect it

GM Authority reports that all buyers for the new 2021 Chevy Colorado will automatically get $2,750 off in January. On top of that initial discount, GM cardmembers will pile on another cool $1,000 in savings – but, wait, there’s more! There is also a separate incentive that offers a $1,150 discount plus interest-free financing for up to 72 months. 

Although the best deals are offered for the 2021 models, GM is also showing some love to select 2020 models. The discounts on these models can climb up to $3,500. And, as GM Authority notes, these deals seem, like ZZ Top, to be nationwide. 

Act fast, some of the savings end today!

2021 Chevy Colorado LT trim driving through the city
2021 Chevy Colorado LT Trim

Unfortunately the $2,750 and $3,500 discounts end today. This is short notice, I know, but the deals are out there. Luckily the other deals last through February 1st. So, if the Chevy Colorado is on your shortlist, put it at the top today because a cool $3,750 off is nothing to shake a stick at. But don’t worry too much; the other deals will give you plenty of time to check out a Chevy Colorado before the end of the month. 

The 2021 Chevy Colorado didn’t do great on Consumer Reports but a good deal is a good deal 

In fairness, the Chevy Colorado isn’t in last place, well, at least it isn’t in last by itself; the GMC Canyon is right there with it, tied for dead last. CR was not pleased with the Colorado. They found it to be rough, bad on gas for its size, awkward, underpowered, and a bit overpriced. At least the deal will help with one of these flaws. 


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What engine does the 2021 Colorado have in it? 

Like most trucks these days, the Colorado is offered in a variety of engine options. The smallest is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder making 200 hp, then the 2.8-liter diesel making 181 hp, and lastly, the 3.6-liter V6 making a massive jump to 308 hp. The chevy Colorado only comes with two transmission options, a six-speed auto, and an eight-speed auto. 

Although most of the automotive world agrees that we would like to see more small pickups, the Chevy Colorado did not exactly hit the mark. The high notes are, of course, its size, making driving and parking a breeze. The diesel verison is the most fuel-efficient truck on the market. And, lastly, except for the diesel, the cabin is fairly quiet, too. 

For the right person and the right price, this truck can work 

The 2021 Colorado really struggles in the ride and comfort department. Now, most trucks tend to struggle here, but some are worse than others. The seats and the driving position is what CR finds to be the worst aspect of this truck. 

The seats are hard and far too limited in their adjustability, making uncomfortable pressure points in the legs and back. Also, CR notes that the steering wheel doesn’t adjust as much as it needs to, to be functional for all drivers. Stuff like that can be serious deal breakers for someone like me (6’5) that feels cramped or even unsafe due to where the steering wheel hits them. It is a pickup truck, after all, and comfort isn’t really what they were made for.