The 2015 Subaru Impreza is a Good Used-Car for City Driving

Subaru’s Impreza is a standout in the crowded sedan class thanks to its excellent handling, comfort, and simplicity. If you are particularly interested in buying a used car as your new city driver, you should seriously consider the 2015 Impreza model. The 2015 model is a good choice because of its versatility and because it’s generally easy to drive. 

Why the 2015 Impreza is ideal for city driving

Subaru Impreza is displayed during the second press day at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show
The Subaru Impreza | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

Drivers love the 2015 Impreza because it’s fun to drive and practical. Unlike other models in its class, the Impreza offers a spacious cabin that accommodates adult passengers in both the front row and in the rear seats. It’s also one of the few sedans that comes standard with all-wheel-drive

According to Consumer Reports’ extensive testing, the Impreza can accomplish a U-Turn in 38 feet because of its shorter length. This comes in handy as you navigate tight corners around the city. Its excellent driver’s visibility is another helpful feature. For even more practical room, you might want to opt for the Sport hatchback variant which offers way more cargo space.

What it’s like to drive the 2015 Impreza 

The Impreza’s smooth ride quality rivals many luxury-focused models. This sedan gets its power from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces a 148-horsepower. We wouldn’t say that the Impreza is sporty, but it does feel lively enough. One of the slight kinks performance-wise though is that the Impreza is slow to accelerate at times. Still, the Impreza is well-balanced so accelerating isn’t a big problem.

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What’s also great about the Impreza’s performance is that AWD doesn’t have a negative impact on its fuel economy. Overall, the 2015 Impreza gets a combined 27 mpg. This is a considerable improvement compared to earlier model years

Safety ratings and features

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2015 Impreza a perfect crash-test safety score. This model was also named as a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is the organization’s top honor. To help prevent accidents, Subaru made a rear-camera display standard on the Impreza in 2015.

Since the 2015 Impreza is a slightly older used car model, not many advanced safety features come standard aside from its backup camera. If advanced safety equipment is must-have for you, you should look for models that are equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight system. This system includes desirable features such as automatic emergency braking. 

Reliability and owner satisfaction 

Also based on Consumer Reports data, the Impreza has had some pretty terrible model years when it comes to reliability. However, the 2015 model has an average reliability rating which is solid. You should know though that this model has been recalled twice by the NHTSA. 

One of the recalls was related to a potential issue with the Impreza’s forward collision warning component. The second recall concerned the sedan’s exterior lighting. If you are seriously considering buying this model, just make sure that you address these trouble spots with your auto dealer. Overall, owners of the 2015 Impreza are satisfied with the model’s overall value.