The 2015 Ford Edge Is a Used SUV That Deserves Your Attention

Sometimes, Ford misses the mark. However, models like the Ford Edge help this carmaker to redeem itself. The Edge fits the bill as a fun-to-drive crossover and as a dependable family hauler. And if you’re interested in a used Edge, the 2015 version deserves your attention. 

What’s so great about the 2015 Ford Edge?

A red 2015 Ford Edge parked by a glass building.
2015 Ford Edge | Ford

As a new model, the 2015 Edge earned lots of praise. The 2015 Edge was so impressive that Consumer Reports said it deserved a “Most Improved” trophy for its satisfying driving experience and sporty handling. Ford completely redesigned the Edge for 2015, and it was evident that the company wanted to give this SUV, well, a greater edge. 

As CR noted, the 2015 version of the Edge added more balance and upscale amenities that we previously hadn’t seen on models prior. The Edge’s vast improvements are why CR ranked it toward the top of its list of best midsize SUVs for 2015. Most reviewers found that the Edge offered the right blend of comfort and sportiness. 

Driving the 2015 Edge 

The 2015 Edge is available in three different performance flavors. Most drivers will be happy with the base model, which comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 245-horsepower. The base engine feels unusually quick and polished; it’s also the most fuel-efficient choice. However, its acceleration figures aren’t as impressive according to CR’s road test. 

For a bit more oomph, you’ll want to shop for models with the 280-hp, 3.5-liter V6, which is the best option for max towing capability. And for the most captivating Edge experience, consider Sport models, which feature a 2.7-liter V6 that produces 315-hp. No matter which engine you select, a six-speed automatic transmission is standard. 

Cabin comforts

The interior of the Ford Edge is comfy and inviting.
Ford Edge interior | Ford

On the inside, the Edge is pretty straightforward, but it has a few chic touches. Passengers will appreciate the SUV’s soft-touch surfaces and the generous space throughout the cabin. The Edge can seat five people comfortably, but its seats are a tad firm. Cloth upholstery is standard on the base trim, but some models will have more frills, including leather and heated seats. 

The Edge also offers a few desirable in-car tech features, including standard Bluetooth connection, voice command functionality, and a backup camera. Some models will have more tech, including adaptive cruise control and parallel park assist. CR especially recommends that you shop for models with blind-spot monitoring because of the Edge’s so-so visibility. 

Recalls and reliability 

Ford Edge
Ford Edge | Fatih Erel/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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There are four NHTSA recalls on the 2015 Edge. Two had to do with its steering; the other two related to its service brakes. These recalls were cause for concern, but they don’t have to deal breakers. If you think the Edge is the right fit for you, make sure that you address the past recalls with the auto dealer before you buy it.

Despite the recalls, the 2015 Edge has proved to be reliable. According to CR, the 2015 Edge is one of the most reliable five-year-old midsize SUVs. CR’s survey data shows that owners are most satisfied with their vehicle’s driving experience, style, and comfort.