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Tesla makes some of the most expensive electric vehicles on the planet. The brand started off making luxury sports cars. Over the years, it has evolved and is producing more mainstream vehicles. That being said, the brand still makes performance models that only a select few drivers can ever experience. Tesla’s most expensive SUV, the Model X, just got cheaper than ever.

The Tesla Model X just got a huge price cut

A red Tesla Model X (Tesla's most expensive SUV) is parked
The Tesla Model X | Tesla

Tesla’s Model X is a midsize electric SUV that is both luxurious and capable. It has enough driving range to be practical for most drivers. The EV is also surprisingly quick for its size, thanks to its unique powertrain system.

Before introducing a new base model, the Model X had a starting price of $98,490. A starting price of nearly $100K for an electric SUV isn’t appealing to the average driver. Tesla just introduced a Standard Range model that acts as an entry-level variant to the Model X nameplate, starting at $88,490.

So drivers can now get a brand-new Model X for $10K less than the original version. What’s the catch? The Model X Standard Range features the same battery but uses software that limits its driving range. Furthermore, it’s also not as quick as the more expensive trim.

Still, the Model X remains impressive. Its new base model is remarkably quick and has sufficient driving range to satisfy most drivers. Additionally, Tesla’s supercharger network is the best charging network in the world in terms of scale and reliability. So, less driving range isn’t a deterrent for some savvy consumers.

Tesla Model X configurations

Model X Configuration Starting PriceRange (Est)Top Speed0-60 MPH
Model X Standard Range $88,490269 Miles 149 MPH4.4 Sec
Model X $98,490348 Miles 149 MPH3.8 Sec
Model X Plaid $108,490333 Miles 149 MPH2.5 Sec
Tesla Model X (Tesla’s most expensive SUV) trims and specs.

The most impressive of all Model X trims is the Model X Plaid. It’s quicker than most vehicles on the market. Additionally, it’s significantly more affordable than some luxury SUVs, like the Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari Purosangue, despite being quicker.

Tesla’s most expensive SUV delivers incredible performance specs for the money. It isn’t the most reliable model in its segment, but its acceleration and driving range make it difficult to ignore. Introducing a Standard Range model makes it more accessible to most consumers.

Why are Teslas getting cheaper?

Tesla models have been getting increasingly more affordable in recent months. The availability of a more affordable entry-level Model Y has led to a huge boost in sales. The brand is likely decreasing the base prices of many of its popular nameplates to sell more models, as it can produce many vehicles quickly thanks to its huge factories.

The clean energy and electric vehicle company has proven that it can produce quality EVs. Finally, it’s making many of those electric vehicles affordable enough for the average consumer.


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