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Tesla is the most dynamic automaker of the last decade. The electric vehicle and clean energy company is a pioneer in EV tech. Electric vehicles are becoming ubiquitous worldwide as different countries develop and improve upon charging infrastructure. Tesla has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the last few months. Here’s why drivers are still riding with popular nameplates like the Model Y despite all the controversy.

Tesla did it first and did it best

A gray 2023 Tesla Model Y small electric SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Tesla was founded way back in 2003. Two decades ago, you probably never would have guessed that an electric vehicle and clean energy company would disrupt the entire automotive industry. For better or worse, Tesla has changed how millions of consumers worldwide think about vehicles. The company has proven that EVs can be practical, despite plenty of skepticism when the tech was still new.

The brand is still in its infancy compared to many of its seasoned competitors, but it has made huge strides in the last few years. It currently produces two of the most popular battery electric vehicles in the world: the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model Y is a small electric SUV that’s ideal for small families who require plenty of driving range. The Model 3 is a great sedan for drivers who need less cabin space but still want a practical EV that can perform the regular tasks of a daily driver.

Tesla has experienced plenty of issues, but many investors, including the CEO of ARK Invest, Cathie Wood, are betting big on the company’s future success. Wood predicts that a single share of Tesla stock could be worth thousands in the years to come. Considering the stock’s volatility, her predictions aren’t outside the realm of possibility.

The Tesla Model Y took over the world

A red 2023 Tesla Model Y small electric SUV is parked.
The 2023 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

The Tesla Model Y is the most popular electric SUV in the world. It dominated different regions, including China and Europe. Now, the Model Y has plenty of competition, but it has already made its mark on the world. The Model Y solidified Tesla as a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry since small SUVs are currently the most popular vehicles in the world.

Since charging infrastructure is improving internationally, the Model Y should become more popular in the future. The brand is also troubleshooting its production process, so it should be able to crank out thousands of additional models in the years to come.

Model Y fans aren’t going anywhere

According to Road & Track, Tesla is under investigation after a Model Y steering wheel issue. There were two separate incidents of Model Y steering wheels detaching from the column. A National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration investigation isn’t great news for any automaker, but it shouldn’t scare many die-hard Model Y fans. Tesla vehicles have experienced other reliability issues, and demand hasn’t significantly waned.

The Model Y may be in hot water now, but realistically, it isn’t going anywhere. Neither are its fans. The Tesla Model Y remains the small electric SUV that changed vehicle ownership for thousands of drivers.


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