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Rolling coal is, unfortunately, a popular activity for some diesel truck drivers. Sticking it to environmentalists, drivers belch heavily polluted black smoke into the air. A common target of those that roll coal is electric cars like Teslas. However, a modified Tesla Model 3 recently got its revenge. With a makeshift exhaust installed, it disguised itself as a diesel truck and rolled some coal.

YouTube video of Tesla Model 3 rolling coal 

Tesla Model 3 rolls coal on city street
Tesla Model 3 rolls coal | TopLineRacer via YouTube

The Tesla Model 3 coal rolling project was the brainchild of the gentlemen at the YouTube channel TopLineRacer, as reported by InsideEVs. While many of the TopLineRacer videos center around diesel trucks and other truck projects, this time, they took things in an opposite direction. In the spirit of Halloween, they dressed up a Tesla Model 3 as a diesel truck with a working exhaust. 

It’s not an exhaust in the truest sense, though. The men at TopLineRacer purchased some smoke bombs and planned to light them and then drive around and make it seem like the Model 3 rolled coal. Considering the problem that Tesla has with cars catching on fire, this was quite a dangerous thing to do, to put it politely. However, why let safety get in the way of some coal rolling entertainment?

‘Can I get an oil filter for a 2018 Tesla Model 3?’

The YouTube video covers their entire project. At first, the TopLineRacer men put the Tesla Model 3 on a lift and looked to see if they could install an exhaust underneath the car. However, with the tightly enclosed underbelly of the electric car, they initially had trouble finding a good location.

Eventually, the men tucked the exhaust underneath the rear bumper. They lit the smoke bombs, and soon they had a Model 3 rolling coal like the best of them. Things got really interesting when they purchased an exhaust tip at an automotive parts store and duct-taped it to the hood of the Model 3. While at the store, one of the TopLineRacer men asked a clerk, “Can I get an oil filter for a 2018 Tesla Model 3.” The clerk replied in amusement, “Nope,” since, of course, there’s no oil filter for an electric vehicle like the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 rolls coal at a semi truck

Tesla Model 3 rollling coal at a semi-truck
Tesla Model 3 rolling coal at a semi truck | TopLineRacer via YouTube

The hood stack on the Tesla Model 3 was surprisingly realistic for making it look like the car was actually rolling coal. In fact, the hood stack worked almost too well for a prolific amount of black smoke billowed from the Model 3. The TopLineRacer men rolled coal with the Model 3 out in public in heavy traffic on city streets. At times, with so much smoke billowing from the Model 3, it looked like it was on fire. The TopLineRacer men quipped that other drivers that saw their coal rolling Model 3 probably thought, “It’s on fire! A Tesla! It’s really happening!” in reference to the much-publicized fires for Tesla cars.

The most hilarious part of the video was when the Tesla Model 3 cruised by a large semi truck and rolled it with coal. The driver of the big rig undoubtedly wondered what the heck was going on with this small electric car blasting it with black smoke. 

Rolling coal over the Model 3 glass roof and windshield

Hood stack on a Teslsa Model 3 rolling coal over the windshield
Hood stack on Tesla Model 3 rolling coal | TopLineRacer via YouTube

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Realizing that rolling coal with the Model 3 out in public could get them arrested, the TopLineRacer men took the car to a country road. One last time, they rolled some coal, with the video shot from inside the Model 3. It is surreal to see the smoke flowing over the large windshield and glass roof. 

The TopLineRacer men say that they eventually want to install a real exhaust on the Model 3. Let’s hope they shelve that project and limit the coal rolling to a brief Halloween prank and not a planet-destroying endeavor.