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There might be more on the line for the Tesla Cybertruck than you think. Sure, Elon Musk said if the world didn’t like it, then he would make a more traditional-looking truck. However, if the Tesla Cybertruck is a flop, who would take Elon’s next electric truck seriously? One new problem isn’t helping at all. 

The Tesla Cybertruck faces a charging problem 

The Tesla Cybertruck  off-roading in sand
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

We’ve heard a lot of things about the Tesla Cybertruck since the first concept rolled out in 2019. For example, we were told it would have shatterproof glass, and then Elon Musk accidentally smashed a window on stage. 

We’ve heard that the Cybertruck is aquatic and that it should be able to wade through light ocean currents. Who wants to test that out? 

Fans were promised an affordable $40,000 single-motor option. However, the ordering book only shows options with dual and tri motors. Also, the tri-motor option is currently rumored to start at $100,000. 

Also, the Cybertruck is supposed to be rough, tumble, and waterproof. But multiple images so mismatched panels, gaps in the body, and suspension damage. 

Now, after off-road testing in the Mojave desert, a prototype Cybertruck was unable to charge. A man pulled up next to the vehicle at an electric charging station to inquire about the problem. 

The Cybertruck driver said he had no idea about the range or price of the truck. All he knew was that it wouldn’t charge, and it broke down due to the heat. The truck was eventually towed away. 

It could have been an issue with that truck in particular, or it could be part of a much larger problem that Tesla needs to solve. We’ve heard of  EV charging issues with cold weather, but the heat is a new one. 

Tons of electric vehicles like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Rivian R1T, and Rivian R1S just spent time in the Glamis sand dunes for the Rebelle Rally and could charge just fine. 

When will the Cybertruck come out? 

There is an official ceremony being held for the Tesla Cybertruck on November 30, 2023. This is when the first customers will accept deliveries of their futuristic electric trucks. But even though the Cybertruck has been delayed for years, it doesn’t seem ready. 

We aren’t here to throw shade on Elon Musk, but Tesla has a history of pushing things out too quickly with quality issues due to cutting costs by using cheaper materials. 

This just makes us nervous because the Cybertruck might not be durable enough for the real world. However, one model was recently shot up with .45 bullets. These are a bit weak compared to AK47 bullets that reportedly would have made ‘Swiss cheese’ out of the doors. 

Also, we’ve seen a teaser video about the Cybertruck’s safety. The truck can be seen driving toward a brick wall, but the video cuts away seconds before impact. We hope this truck is safe enough to be delivered. 

How much range does the Cybteruck have? 

The Tesla Cybertruck  at a charging station
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

We should get the official range estimated for the Tesla Cybertruck by November 30, 2023. Pricing information and features based on different trim levels will be good to know as well. 

Anyway, the single-motor option was expected to have 250 miles of range, but that’s not happening at launch. The dual-motor truck could have over 300 miles of range, and the tri-motor setup is expected to have 500 miles of range. 

The Ford F-150 Lightning maxes out at 320 miles of range, and a new 2024 Rivian R1T model promises 410 miles of range. Other trucks, like the Ram 1500 BEV with an expected 500-mile range, have faced delays. 

It’s possible that the Cybertruck will surprise us as the first electric truck with 500 miles of range, but we have to wait and see. Stay tuned as we continue tracking Cybertruck’s progress. Do you think this truck is legit?