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Tesla is undeniably one of the most exciting carmakers in the industry. The carmaker, led by Elon Musk at the helm, has a fan base that is comparable to the likes of Disney, Apple, and IKEA. This includes some Tesla fans who have even bought merchandise like Tesla Tequila which costs $250 for a 750 mL bottle. 

As the undeniable leader and trendsetter of the electric vehicle industry, Tesla constantly has many eyes watching it, many of which are closely-taking note of all the achievements and shortcomings of the company.

Tesla is an industry leader 

Tesla is truly a trailblazer when it comes to luxury electric vehicles. Tesla has gained so much popularity, that many carmakers were left scrambling to keep up with them.

However, now Tesla is facing increasing competition from the likes of Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GMC, BMW, and more. Regardless of the competition, Tesla’s electric vehicles still crush most of the competition.

The carmaker also dominates its competition in other crucial areas — for example, charging networks. Located all over the country and spaced out favorably for road trips, Tesla’s charging network ensures that you can go on road trips without having to worry about running out of battery. This is a huge advantage compared to most other carmakers that don’t have extensive charging networks like Tesla. 

Furthermore, when it comes to Over The Air updates, Tesla also blows away its competition. Tesla’s OTA’s are not only groundbreaking but are also some of the most advanced in the industry. This can be used to fix infotainment issues, improving range, autonomy features, braking, and safety systems. 

Tesla’s “production hell”

As a relatively new carmaker in the industry, Tesla has struggled to keep its supply up to its demand. According to Forbes, when Elon Musk set the target of producing 5,000 vehicles per day by the second quarter of 2018, Musk spent many sleepless nights at the factory until they reached that target six months later. 

Although that moment was monumental for Tesla and Musk, in a way it led to “production hell” becoming the “circle of production hell”. This is because Tesla has been experiencing exponentially growing demand paired with increasing pressure to meet this demand.

Much of Tesla’s production chaos can be attributed to the fact that Tesla didn’t have the logistical network and production capability that many other leading carmakers have. 

However, with Tesla constantly working to increase production and open-up new factories, Tesla can expect to be free of its production issues soon.

According to Forbes, Musk stated in 2018 that Tesla’s production growth will be exponential- explains why it stayed low in initial years, but as it grows it increases quickly.

The company’s production volume is improving 


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With Tesla’s Q3 production volume at slightly more than 80,000 in 2018, Tesla has managed to continue growing its production volume. According to Tesla, in Q3 of 2019 Tesla grew its production volume by more than 15% from 80,000 in Q3 2018 to 96,155 in Q3 of 2019. 

Although faced with the challenge of keeping production facilities up and running in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla still managed to maintain impressive production volume. In fact, amid a pandemic and setbacks due to the pandemic, Tesla managed to significantly increase its production volume. 

According to Tesla, compared to 2019’s Q3 production volume, Tesla showed a more than 50% increase in production- producing 145,036 vehicles in Q3 of 2020.

A stunning 81% increase from 2018’s Q3 production volume. Clearly, Tesla’s post-COVID-19 production volume is going to be an exciting number.