Tesla is Building an Electric…Semi-Truck?

Since the brand has become more established, they have quickly begun taking over every aspect of the electric car industry — and paving the way forward with new technology. It started with the Tesla Roadster and expanded to encompass consumer-oriented cars and SUVs that are designed to encourage buyers to make the switch to all-electric — and with the Tesla reputation, many consumers are excited to. With the new Tesla Semi, all of the brand’s exciting tech is now a great option for long-haul trucks and could mean a shift in the future of transporting goods.

For the driver

If you didn’t already know this, most semi-truck cabins have enough space for the driver to sleep, but that doesn’t always mean the cabs are driver-centric. For the Tesla Semi, there is enough space for most drivers to stand up comfortably, and a center-seat placement optimizes visibility for the driver. It offers competitive performance for steep driving conditions that drivers can be confident in, and when it’s time to rest, there’s a spacious area for that, too.

An illuminated Tesla sign seen from outside
A Tesla store sign is seen in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China| Getty Images

Safety and reliability

The new Tesla electric semi-truck is designed to be safer and more reliable than the current options on the market. As an electric vehicle, it is designed to require significantly less maintenance, which is important for vehicles that rack up thousands of miles each week.

The Tesla Semi is also loaded with high-tech features like cameras and sensors that help relieve common problems that drivers face. Thanks to rear sensors, jackknifing can be easily prevented as sensors work together to react with the wheels, providing positive or negative torque to help balance problems and instability.

A dark figure sneak peak of the Tesla Semi with only the headlights visible
A peak of the Tesla Semi | Tesla

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What this could mean for Tesla

When major car manufacturers make vehicles that aren’t heavily consumer-based, they tend to get pushed to the back burner, only to be truly appreciated by consumers in that niche. Tesla has extended their technology to provide greener, more sustainable energy options for homes and businesses. With the addition of a Semi to their vehicle lineup, they are one step closer to making the automotive world a little bit more future-forward.

Elon Musk and some Tesla employees ring the bell at the stock exchange
Tesla employees ring the bell at the New York Stock exchange | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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The new electric semi could be the start of manufacturers making the switch to sustainable semi-truck options.