The TE-1 Is a Crystal Ball Into Triumph’s Electric Motorcycle Future

Just like what’s happening in the car world, more and more motorcycle companies are getting in on electric models. That includes a few resurrected brands, such as Soriano and BSA. But BSA isn’t the only British bike brand with an interest in EVs. Triumph is working on its own electric motorcycle—and it could look a lot like the TE-1.

Triumph has been working on an electric motorcycle for a few years

As of this writing, Triumph doesn’t have an electric two-wheeled vehicle available to the public. Not unless you count its range of e-bikes. However, the company’s been working to change that for some time now.

Back in 2019, the British company announced that it was beginning the development of an electric motorcycle, Autoblog reports. This new model, code-named TE-1, would be designed with the help of several partners. Specifically, the University of Warwick, the e-Drive Division at Integral Powertrain, and Williams Advanced Engineering, Cycle World reports. If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same Williams that races in Formula One and Formula E.

At the time, Triumph understandably didn’t have many details available on the TE-1 project. But the plan was for Williams to develop the batteries, Triumph the bike’s platform and design, and Integral to handle the motor, RideApart reports. The University of Warwick’s contribution to the electric motorcycle project would be “advanced research into the field,” Autoblog reports.

Since then, Triumph has been relatively mum regarding the TE-1. Until now, that is. The company just released some new information about how this electric motorcycle might run and how it might look.

It’s still a prototype, but the Triumph TE-1 might be the brand’s electric bike

The sketch of a gray-and-black Triumph TE-1 Prototype
Triumph TE-1 Prototype | Triumph

We say ‘might’ because, as of this writing, the Triumph TE-1 is just a prototype. Triumph claims the project, which is funded in part by the UK government, is now in the second of its four phases. As such, the TE-1 shown here is more of an initial concept than a finalized product, Cycle World explains. But even so, the initial details seem promising.

All of the previously-named partners are still involved with the project. From Integral Powertrain, the Triumph TE-1 gets a 174-hp electric motor that weighs a claimed 22 pounds. Autoblog claims that horsepower figure is only the ‘peak’ number, though, and that the motor makes 107 hp of “continuous power.” Still, considering the production model will only weigh “a hair over” 485 pounds, MCN reports, that should be more than enough juice.

Speaking of juice, in its current state, the Triumph electric motorcycle has a 15-kWh battery pack. With that, the TE-1 has a claimed 120-mile range and can recharge from 0% to 80% in 20 minutes. Plus, the TE-1 has adjustable regenerative braking, along with ABS, traction control, and wheelie control, Bennetts reports.

What we still don’t know

Because the Triumph TE-1 is still only a prototype, it’s too early to tell how much it will cost. And the finalized version of the electric motorcycle might have slightly different specs. Triumph also doesn’t have an official release date planned. However, the company claims that, in its current form, the TE-1 already exceeds the targets set by the UK Automotive Council for 2025.

A gray-and-black 2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS in a parking garage
2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS | Triumph

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The Triumph TE-1 might also not look like it does in the sketches. At the moment, it somewhat resembles the current-gen Street Triple, RevZilla muses. And Triumph’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Sargent, confirms that the sketched motorcycle shares its swingarm and back end with the current Speed Triple, Bennetts reports. However, apart from that and some suspension components, the TE-1 might not share much with other Triumph products.

Still, if this is Triumph’s idea of an electric motorcycle future, consider us excited.

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