A close-up view of a black 2022 Indian FTR S's red-spring rear monoshock
2 Wheels

Should You Upgrade Your Motorcycle Suspension?

From different wheels to grippier tires and beyond, there’s a myriad of ways to modify your motorcycle’s performance. And while adding a supercharger or cutting curb weight helps boost speed, there are other options. For example, fitting your motorcycle with upgraded suspension components. But is it necessarily a worthwhile investment? How does your motorcycle suspension …

A close-up of a red 2020 Ducati Panigale V4 S's dash with TFT display and a silver Ohlins steering damper
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Your Motorcycle Might Need a Steering Damper

Changing things like the handlebars and wheels on your motorcycle isn’t always just about aesthetics. As with aftermarket mirrors, some modifications are as much about safety and comfort as they are about looks. Especially when it comes to handling-related accessories. And if you’re trying to improve your bike’s handling, one common recommendation is fitting a …

A gray-with-black-hood 1996 Dodge Ram van 'Dajiban' build in the California hills
Tips, Tricks & Trends

The Dajiban Is Drifting’s Latest and Craziest Trend

Camping and #vanlife are the usual activities associated with Dodge vans. Or, depending on the Ram ProMaster configuration, something in the repair field of work. But over in Japan, old-school Dodge vans have found a new purpose in life. Namely, being turned into drifting Dajibans. How Japanese motorcycle racing led to drifting Dodge vans Drifting …

A close-up of a white 2015 Audi A5 Cabriolet's LED headlight
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Can HID and LED Headlights Damage Your Eyes?

Car headlights shine so brightly today in part because, as with many automotive accessories, new technologies are available. Instead of halogen bulbs, headlights now often feature HID bulbs or LEDs. However, while dim lights can be a safety hazard, so can blindingly-bright ones. But more than simply dazzling drivers, can HID and LED headlights cause …

The diagram of Michelin's electric reverse motorcycle motor patent
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Michelin’s Patent Could Give Any Motorcycle a Reverse Gear

From quickshifters to lighter wheels, there are plenty of accessories available to motorcycle riders. Some modifications focus on making the bike quicker. But others, like aftermarket mirrors, are about making riding easier, safer, and/or more comfortable. The latest patent from Michelin falls into that vein. But it’s not, as you might expect, some kind of …

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Are Modifications Allowed on a Leased Car?

If you’re the type of car enthusiast that has a modification list planned out before even buying a new car, then you’re probably wondering whether you should lease it or buy it. After all, monthly lease payments are cheaper and you need to save all of the money you can for those super trick mods. …

A white JDM 2021 Honda Odyssey with Mugen parts
Crossover & Midsize

Mugen Makes the Honda Odyssey Look (and Stop) Sharp

As impressive as the 2021 Odyssey is, the Honda minivan still faces a criticism leveled at all minivans: styling. Hence why the 2021 model received a mild redesign meant to deliver a ‘macho’ look. But if that’s still not enough, famed Honda tuner Mugen has stepped up to the challenge. Mugen has an extensive history …

The black 2021 KTM 390 Adventure optional spoked wheels with blue and orange inner tubes
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Should You Give Your Off-Road Motorcycle Spoked Wheels?

Going off-roading on your motorcycle can be fun, provided you have the right gear. However, that doesn’t just mean getting the right helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, and so on. Your bike also has to be prepped for the off-pavement excursion. But besides installing a skid plate, an off-road motorcycle needs the right tires and wheels. …

The black Kingston Custom 'Spirit of Passion' custom 2021 BMW R 18
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Kingston Custom Takes the 2021 BMW R 18 Art Deco

The 2021 R 18 is BMW’s take on the retro-style cruiser, complete with Bavarian flair. And some of its design elements harken back to the German brand’s classic models. Naturally, though, some tuners and customizers are always willing to take BMW’s bikes further in terms of performance and style. For example, Kinston Custom, the shop …

The vortex generators on a white 2018 Honda Civic Type R
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Do Vortex Generators Actually Help Road Cars?

Car spoilers have a purpose besides being flashy accessories. Although they’re technically not wings, both they and spoilers use the air rushing around cars to reduce lift. However, they’re not the only aerodynamic aide available to road cars. Some models, like the Honda Civic Type R, are starting to feature vortex generators as well. But …

A low-angle shot of the 2020 Honda Civic Type R's wing
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A Car Spoiler Is Not the Same Thing as a Wing

Spoilers, whether factory equipment or aftermarket accessories are usually visual shorthand for a performance-oriented car. Or at least a vehicle pretending to be one. Given their shape, car spoilers are understandably often referred to as wings. However, although these terms are often used interchangeably, they’re not synonymous. Wings don’t help cars fly—they help them not …

The 2021 Genesis GV80's white-and-brown 2-spoke steering wheel
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Why Don’t More Cars Have 2-Spoke Steering Wheels?

Until a truly self-driving vehicle finally appears, cars will continue to need steering wheels. But just because cars need steering wheels doesn’t mean they all need the same one. That’s part of the reason why aftermarket wheels are available in the first place. And yet, for all the variety in wheel design, only a handful …

A Dynojet motorcycle quickshifter
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Does Your Motorcycle Need a Quickshifter?

While the number of available automatic and no-shifting motorcycles is slowly growing, most bikes still use manual transmissions. That means not only learning how to operate a clutch but also how to shift gears smoothly and quickly. One way to speed up shifts on a car is to install a short shifter. And while a …

The white Singer ACS on a beach
Sedans & Coupes

The Singer ACS Might Be the Ultimate Twin-Turbo Safari 911

At this point, the trend of modifying Porsche 911s for off-roading purposes is practically a phenomenon. Various companies, including the famed tuner RUF, have displayed their own take on the Safari 911 idea. Even Porsche itself may be dabbling in it. And now Singer, a company practically synonymous with restomodded Porsche 911s, is joining in …

A female motorcycle rider reflected in one of her Harley-Davidson mirrors
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Should You Change Your Motorcycle Mirrors?

New jackets and gloves aren’t the only accessories available for motorcyclists. Just like with cars, there are a variety of ways for you to modify your bike, from handlebars to heated grips. And a common modification is swapping out the standard motorcycle mirrors for some aftermarket ones. But is it a modification worth pursuing? Why …

A cutaway ZF dual-mass engine flywheel
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Is a Lightweight Engine Flywheel a Worthwhile Upgrade?

Adding more power via something like a turbocharger is a common-enough idea. But some modifications, rather than increasing raw performance, are about tweaking a car’s character in subtler ways. You can install a short shifter, for example, or swap your transmission’s gear ratios. Or you can give your car a lighter engine flywheel, or a …

2018 Lamborghini Urus carbon-ceramic brakes
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Is Giving Your Car Carbon-Ceramic Brakes Worth It?

Your brake pads, like your rotors, aren’t just maintenance items. As with your tires, wheels, intake, and exhaust, you can swap them out for upgraded versions. And when it comes to high-performance cars, carbon-ceramic brakes are a common feature. But are these ceramic brakes a modification worth pursuing? What’s different about carbon-ceramic brakes? Although a …

The rear 3/4 view of the black Mansory BSTN GT XI mower
Tips, Tricks & Trends

This Mad Mansory Mower Celebrates Air Jordan Sneakers

There’s no shortage of tuners ready and willing to install off-the-wall modifications into some equally odd-ball vehicles. Brabus, for example, tunes electric Smart cars and makes 6-wheeled G-Wagon pickups. And fellow German tuner Mansory is just as unhinged. The company recently released a 199-mph Audi RS Q8. And now, it’s partnered with a sportswear firm …

An orange heavy duty truck with a snowplow mounted on it clears some snow from the roadway.
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Trailer Hitch Snow Plows Are A Thing

States that experience Winter weather extremes leave their residents in a strange conundrum. Residents must decide if they are going to rely on the municipality or local contractor to clean their streets or driveway, or they have to decide to do it themselves. A few other decisions must be made for those who choose to …

A red armored Ferrari 458 Speciale
Sedans & Coupes

La Roux: This Ferrari 458 Speciale Is Bulletproof

Armored SUVs and trucks are a common-enough sight among VIPs and apocalypse dream garage builders. But they’re not the only kinds of vehicles that can be beefed up like that. With the right modifications, you can theoretically make any car bulletproof. For example, Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans. Or, as AddArmor has done, a …

Black HRE aftermarket wheels on an orange Lamborghini
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When Are Aftermarket Wheels Worth It?

Changing up your wheels through the aftermarket is one of the most common vehicle modifications. But all too often these non-factory wheels end up being more trouble than they’re worth. However, that’s usually because people buy them for the wrong reasons. Done properly, aftermarket wheels can be beneficial. The best aftermarket wheels lower unsprung weight …

The rear 3/4 view of a 2021 Indian Scout Bobber motorcycle's handlebars and gauge
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Is Changing Your Motorcycle Handlebars Worth It?

Maintenance isn’t the only thing you can do to your motorcycle outside of riding it. Like car owners, many riders customize and modify their bikes to suit their needs. Someone going off-roading, for example, will likely fit skid plates and crash bars. Those interested in touring will start looking into luggage racks. And so on. …

A labeled diagram of a car's steering and suspension systems
Tips, Tricks & Trends

What Does ‘Quick Steering’ Really Mean?

Because the ‘self-driving’ automobile doesn’t exist yet, all cars rely on their drivers to guide them. Which means they need steering wheels and, thus, entire systems. Some cars can even steer all four wheels. And when it comes to sporty cars, oftentimes reviews mention how fast or slow their steering is. But what does that …

A red-and-black 1974 twin-engine Citroen 2CV 4x4 rally car in a quarry
Tips, Tricks & Trends

This Citroen 2CV Became a Rally Car With the Help of 2 Engines

‘Innovative’ is a term often thrown around classic Citroens. In the 50s, for example, the DS wowed onlookers with front disc brakes and self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension. The later SM took the latter to new heights (pun intended) and introduced features like rain-sensing wipers and hydraulically-assisted steering. But before those came the minimalist Citroen 2CV, explicitly …

Catalytic converters
Tips, Tricks & Trends

What Is a High-Flow Catalytic Converter?

When it comes to modifying your car, you’re probably familiar with adding an aftermarket, free-flowing intake, larger headers, and an exhaust system with larger piping in order to gain more horsepower. But have you thought of modifying the catalytic converter to a high-flow unit? What does a catalytic converter do? Every car has a catalytic …

The side view of a red 2021 Aston Martin DBX as it descends a rocky trail
Trucks & SUVs

It Takes 2 Days to Make An Aston Martin Wing Badge

Modifications to a vehicle are usually a matter of swapping out one part for another. For example, changing out stock tires and wheels for wider, more eye-catching units can be accomplished with a loosening and tightening of a few bolts (studs). However, other modifications can be more time consuming and labor-intensive. They involve custom work, …

The red Oldsmobile Silhouette OSV
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Want To Own a Factory-Tuned Oldsmobile Silhouette Concept?

While wagons can make great high-performance vehicles, the same usually can’t be said of minivans. However, that hasn’t stopped some manufacturers from trying to give these practical haulers a touch of sportiness. The Toyota Previa, for example, had a mid-engine layout with an optional supercharger and manual. And the Mercedes-Benz R-Class was a luxury minivan …

The black-and-red Audi RS Q8 tuned by Mansory
Crossover & Midsize

Is Mansory’s Audi RS Q8 the New World’s Fastest SUV?

Claiming the title of ‘world’s fastest’ doesn’t just matter to supercar owners. It can also be a mark of pride in the luxury SUV world. Bentley still claims the 2021 Bentayga Speed holds the title. But British tuner Lister’s 675-hp Jaguar F-Pace-based Stealth is even faster. However, another tuner, Mansory, has thrown itself into the …

The rear 3/4 view of Expedition Overland's 2019 Jeep Gladiator in a field
Trucks & SUVs

The Expedition Overland Odin Is a Jeep Gladiator Ready for Ragnarok

If you’re looking for an off-road-ready pickup truck, it’s hard to compete with the Jeep Gladiator. Especially now that, in addition to the rock-crawling Rubicon, there’s now the dune-jumping Mojave. And just like the Wrangler it’s based on, the Gladiator is a popular platform for customization. Jeep itself has released a few Gladiator concepts, including …

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Are Aftermarket Steering Wheels Legal?

The steering wheel is one of the most important parts of the car; it steers the car and in case you get into an accident, the airbag attached to it could save your life. But what if you want to change your car’s steering wheel for an aftermarket one? Are those even legal? What’s the …

Sandy Stuvik with the blue-and-white Super Pickup Ford Ranger racing truck
Trucks & SUVs

Ford Turned the Ranger Into a Manual Diesel Racing Truck

Even without an official US Raptor, it’s not uncommon to see the Ford Ranger geared up for off-road adventures. Customizers and tuners like Hellwig and Roush have done so, as has Ford’s own Performance Division. However, not all pickup truck competitions involve off-roading; some are done on paved roads or tracks. And as Ford of …

A close-up of the 2022 Cadillac V-Series Blackwing gold-colored magnesium wheel
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Cadillac’s New Magnesium Wheels Are a Big (but Not Heavy) Deal

Although the V-Series Blackwing models won’t have Cadillac’s Blackwing engine, they’re shaping up to be serious performance sedans. Plus, like the BMW M3 and M4, you’ll be able to get them with a stick. And recently, Cadillac unveiled details about another V-Series Blackwing feature: magnesium wheels. Why are the Cadillac V-Series Blackwing models getting magnesium …

The Indian Challenger modified by S&S for King of the Baggers on the racetrack
2 Wheels

The 2020 King of the Baggers Is the Indian Challenger

After making its return to flat-track racing, Indian is expanding its motorsports participation even further. For example, it recently got back into hill climbing for the first time in 70 years. Seeing one of Indian’s cruisers and touring bikes, like the Challenger, racing is a fairly rare sight, though. However, that’s exactly what happened at …

A saucepan on a blue camper van cooktop stove
Marine & RVs

How Do You Install a Stove in Your Camper Van?

There’s a long list of things to keep track of when building your camper van RV. Sleeping arrangements, storage spaces, and potentially a bathroom are just part of that list. And, if you plan on adventuring in the cold, you need to consider insulation, and possibly a stove. But installing a camper van stove doesn’t …