Vehicle modifications can be a fun and exciting way to customize your car. Some of the most ridiculous accessories for cars are loved by some, such as car lashes and car bras. Other mods are small but mighty, such as a short-throw shifter. Companies like BMW with their R 18 can be fitted for Batman, and modifications can even allow you to drive a Batmobile Tumbler that is street-legal.

Mods can be used to make your vehicle faster or even outfitted to do drag races. Some can be very expensive, while others can cost less than $100.00. Vehicles, like the Ford Maverick, have some easy DIY electrical modifications, and there is even a list of the best mods for the BMW 335i.

There can be pros and cons to doing mods that must be kept in mind. For example, what happens when changing your sports car’s axle ratio or swapping out your engine in your classic car with a modern engine? It’s important to ask questions before doing modifications.

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