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The Ford Maverick is making DIY electrical mods easy for owners to install. Truck owners love installing mods, upgrades, and other extras on their pickup trucks. Lift kits, lights, and camping gear are just some of the many things enthusiasts love installing on their favorite toy. Ford realizes not only the demand for accessories like this but also that the automaker can help its Maverick owners. As reported by The Drive, electrical gear will be easier than ever to install in a new Ford Maverick thanks to steps the automaker has taken to make DIY electrical modifications easy for customers.

How did Ford make Ford Maverick DIY electrical mods easy?

The 2022 Ford Maverick with the FX4 Package
2022 Ford Maverick FX4 Package | Ford

Every Ford Maverick will come standard with two e-DIY 12-volt 20-amp power sources in the rear. The outlets will each feature a two-pin connector, which hides behind a blanking plate on both sides of the bed. The two-pin connectors can be unplugged and hooked up to a pigtail connector instead. Owners can solder any 12-volt accessories into the pigtail connector easily, without having to dismantle the truck’s original parts. A single pigtail connector is supplied by Ford, and extra connectors can be purchased from dealerships.

The locking connector in the bed of the truck is great for permanent installations and can be easily hidden inside the body. That way after making a modification, there won’t be any ugly hanging wires or visible traces of the work performed.

What DIY mods can you do?

Ford has already produced a high-quality YouTube video demonstrating how to install Bed Rail Lighting and an Air Compressor. More YouTube videos like this one will likely follow in the future. The video makes it very easy to find what materials you need and gives step-by-step instructions on how to complete the installation from start to finish. We think that even inexperienced non-truck enthusiasts might be able to take a crack at some of these installations. Using clear and easy breakdowns like in this video, Maverick mods are for everyone.

The video reminds owners to disconnect batteries for safety as well as a few other tips. These kinds of tips make it obvious Ford expects both inexperienced and experienced owners to modify the Maverick. It instructs viewers on how to solder accessories to the pigtail connectors, and how to insulate the joints. Jeep and Ford have both demonstrated interest in embracing DIY projects in recent years. Vehicles like the Wrangler and Bronco are highly modifiable and the automakers know it. Pickup trucks are no different from the offroad SUV giants. Customers want to be able to mod them as quickly and simply as possible, and Ford Maverick electrical DIY mods will be just that.

What’s in it for Ford?

Sure this all seems like a great idea from the consumer side of things, but why would Ford do it? Why would Ford want to encourage modifications, make them easier, and use their extra resources to do so. Well, it doesn’t really take much for Ford to help in this way. They’ve simply run some cable across the truck’s body, and now it is that much more convenient for owners. Ford scores points with anyone looking to perform DIY electric work. It may even sway some buyers into taking the Maverick over another brand.

If a potential buyer is going back and forth between the Ford Maverick and another similar-sized truck, this could be the selling point. If a buyer wants to make modifications to the truck and knows they’re going to do so, why wouldn’t they purchase the one easier to mod? Ford has given itself the edge on multiple other automakers in the segment just by adding something as simple as a few extra wires and power sources.

2022 Ford Maverick deliveries are coming up soon, and this just adds to the list of great features. At a very reasonable price, the Ford Maverick hybrid pickup will be an easy target for owners wanting to modify a truck. Ford’s willingness to supply an e-DIY system like this shows it knows what customers want. We assume after the positive feedback Ford will receive from this feature, more will come in the future. Maybe Ford Maverick DIY electrical mods will be the first of many things Ford helps its customers with.


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