A kei truck is part of a broader category known as kei cars. After WWII, the Japanese government created these vehicles to force native automakers to make frugal and inexpensive vehicles for the public. The name comes from a Japanese term that roughly translates to “light automobile.”

They were built to strict regulations, including an engine size no bigger than 660cc (0.67 liters) and no more than 64 hp. The engine can be turbocharged, but the truck itself cannot be longer than 11.2′, wider than 4.85′, or taller than 6.5′. These measurements make the kei truck a little bigger than an ATV with a pickup bed. Their size is why they stood out.

These were designed as work trucks for groundskeeping, farming, mini dump trucks, snowplows, and more. It is an excellent asset to those who need to haul smaller objects. The four-wheel-drive option is great for those jobs that require off-road capability. If nothing else, they are fun to have and drive.

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