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Rusty Monday: Abandoned Big Truck Rust

It is a miracle that any of these trucks still exist. They got used up and when their useful lives were over they got scrapped. What else can you do with one of these massive rust machines? But a few survive to tease the senses for restoring one to as-new condition. So we’ll celebrate their …
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Will the International Scout Return? VW Just Bought Navistar

Though there are still papers to be signed Volkswagen just bought Navistar International. The big rig truck manufacturers. But International didn’t always just make semi-trucks. It made the Scout SUV for 20 years and the Travelall which was like a Suburban. And it also made pickup trucks from 1907 into the mid-1970s. Since VW just …
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Looks Like Volkswagen Will Buy Navistar International Truck Company

The worldwide heavy-duty truck landscape will be changing with the pending purchase of Navistar International by Volkswagen’s Traton truck unit. Volkswagen today offered $44.50 per share for all of the remaining outstanding shares available. Before today it said its top offer was $43 per share. Volkswagen originally offered $35 per share last month.  This introduces …
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Could International Be Looking To Bring Scout SUV Back?

The reception to the Bronco and the general swing in interest for rugged SUVs has America’s first SUV maker’s attention. That would be International, and the SUV it once made is the Scout. Five years before the Bronco made its debut the International Scout 4×4 made headlines as the first dedicated off-road SUV. Back in …
1971-80 International Scout II
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International Scout IIs Are Climbing In Value And Collectibility

The Bronco always gets the credit as the first four-wheel-drive SUV. But in reality, it was the International-Harvester Scout that actually was the first. And while those first-generation Scouts were good off-roaders, the second-gen is an exceptional example. Manufactured from 1971-1980 the Scout II was offered in different configurations with a multitude of interior and …

Future Classics That Are Still Affordable (For Now)

Looking for a new project or just something to tinker with over the winter? There are some great cars that future classics, which means they’re still priced reasonably. That may not last long. Our friends over at Hagerty Insurance have a unique tool at their disposal that helps them determine which cars are starting to …