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The 2019 Hyundai Accent, a competitor of the Ford Fiesta, is on display at the 111th Annual Chicago Auto Show

The Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Accent Have the Highest Death Rates on the Road

Drivers understand the importance of wanting a reliable car, but how can drivers be sure they are making the best choice? Fortunately, consumers have access to so many priceless and helpful resources. In 1989 the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) began analyzing and calculating the death rates associated with the vehicles on the market. …
A brand new white Toyota Sienna on display
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Top Safety Pick Minivan of 2010

Minivans like the Toyota Sienna and the Chrysler Pacifica are great family cars. They are some of the leading choices when it comes to finding a trustworthy family carrier. They boast a reputation for safety and practicality. But prices can get so expensive, and a used 2010 or 2011 minivan becomes a more appealing option …
An SUV drives close over a pedestrian crossing in a city
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The IIHS Says Your Crossovers and SUVs Are Too Dangerous

Small cars like the Fiesta sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to safety. But the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that larger vehicles like crossovers and SUVs are partially to blame for that. But the driver isn’t the only person involved in every accident. There are passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians that …
2020 Ford Fusion safety feature graphic
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Ford Is the Worst at Telling Parents About Teen Safety Features in New Study

With more vehicles offering extensive safety features, it’s more important than ever that drivers understand how they work. Particularly teen drivers, who rely upon their parents to choose a safe car. However, while these advanced driver-assistance features can reduce parental worries, they can also cause headaches. Especially if, as a recent IIHS study says about …
IIHS developing new crash test
Trucks & SUVs

Trucks and SUVs Force Change in IIHS Safety Tests

You know in Chernobyl when the radiation dosimeters go off-the-scale because they can’t accurately measure what’s flying around the room? That’s kind of what’s happening with trucks and SUVs when it comes to crash tests right now. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come forward and admitted it needs a new safety test. The …
2019 Toyota RAV4 Top IIHS Safety Pick

IIHS Study Suggests Trucks Are a Danger on the Road

Safety isn’t just a selling point: it’s a necessity. With pedestrian deaths on the rise, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has begun adding additional requirements into its safety ratings. Recently, the IIHS also released a study into the compatibility between cars and SUVs and trucks. While SUV safety rating improvements have yielded good results, …