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2021 Honda Passport driving in the desert

How Much Air Should You Put in Your Tires?

There are some basic rules of maintenance for a car that a mechanic can easily handle for you. Maintenance and car safety go together more than you think. Things like changing the oil, rotating the tires, and checking the fluids are things you can do on your own, but sometimes it’s nice just to let someone else deal with it.  …

Hyundai Is Improving the Air Quality In Its Cars

Air quality is important nowadays – especially during the time of a worldwide pandemic – so Hyundai is doing its part by improving the air quality in its future cars. Hyundai Motor Group recently announced a trio of new technologies that will vastly improve the in-cabin environment and experience for the occupants. These technologies will …
Rear view of Lucid Air

Has the Lucid Air Evaporated?

Due in large part to the cancellation of the New York Auto Show, Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle company headquartered in California, did not make the global debut of its Lucid Air, its first production vehicle, as planned in April. In February, it gave a sneak peek in the Silicon Valley for reservations purchasers before …