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You may not have heard of Lucid Motors yet, but this is an auto company with big dreams. It’s an EV manufacturer, and the first new car to be released by Lucid Motors is the Air. J.D. Power has recently released a review on the Air, and so far the review site is thoroughly impressed with the Lucid Air.

A Lucid Air parked in the driveway of a home.
Lucid Air | Lucid Media

J.D. Power had mainly good things to say about the Lucid Air

When a new vehicle is released, there’s a lot of speculation about how it will hold up. Review sites like J.D. Power are quick to examine it inside and out, and make a predictions as to how consumers will respond. So far, the Lucid Air is getting a lot of praise for its looks, performance, and of course, EV range.

J.D. Power stated,

“The Lucid Air is luxurious with impressive technology, but its driving performance is what really puts it on my list of all-time favorite cars. From the moment I got behind the wheel, I was impressed with how smooth and quiet the Air drives. But when I put my foot to the floor the first time, I was unprepared for the level of acceleration. It happens with no drama or roar, just an instant response, like being squeezed out of a bottle. Velocity moves into illegal territory very quickly.”

Consumers are very pleased with the Lucid Air as well. Consumers’ top three favorite features were the powertrain, exterior styling, and driving feel.

The Lucid Air comes in a few different trims

There are four trim levels on the Lucid Air. These include the Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and Sapphire. The Sapphire trim is the newest and offers an eye-watering 1,200 hp and a top speed of over 200 mph. This is all thanks to three electric motors.

The Air Pure, which is the base trim, offers one motor which generates 480 hp and 410-mile range. The price range for the Lucid Air is $87,400 for the Pure and $250,000 for the Sapphire.

The reviewer drove a Lucid Air Grand Touring, which is advertised to get 469 miles on a full charge. It only got 336 miles, however, which is a significant difference. 

There were two reasons this could have happened. The reviewer drove it when the temperature was in the 30s, and as many EV owners know, cold weather can decrease your car’s range. The other factor was that it was not fully charged.

Other EV automakers should take note 

EV automakers are far from complacent at the moment. In fact, there is a big push to produce bigger and better electric vehicles in order to outpace the competition. In spite of this, no one saw Lucid Motors coming.

This relatively unknown automaker is setting very high standards for other EV manufacturers and is pushing the limits of what is possible. If the Air is any indication of what Lucid Motors can do, then the coming years may just see more consumers embracing the green movement.

Thanks to its ability to go over 400 miles on a single charge, other automakers will doubtless be left scrambling as they try to figure out how to up their own mileage range. Even though the luxury EV segment is already extremely crowded, the Lucid Air is going to stand out.

The one major drawback which will hamper the Lucid Air, and Lucid Motor by extension, is the pricing. Most consumers will never be able to purchase such a vehicle, and given the current economy, those who can are most likely saving their money for eggs.

If Lucid Motors were to release a luxury EV with a more affordable price tag to pair along with the Lucid Air, then it may just become a powerhouse in the auto world.


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