Taco Tuesday: Overland Build Is Half the Cost of a Brand New Toyota Tacoma

Building your brand new Toyota Tacoma into an overland pickup truck is the reason some people buy this truck. But how much does it cost to fully outfit a Tacoma with top of the line materials and accessories? This Taco Tuesday, we’re going to check out an overland build by Tacomabeast that comes to half the cost of a 2021 Toyota Tacoma.

A gray 2021 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition parked on brown dirt in front of green and brown mountains
2021 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

How much does it cost to outfit a new Toyota Tacoma for overland adventure?

According to people like the professionals with Mountains State Overland, a build can cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars all the way up to amounts cresting $100 grand. For many, the labor can be the most expensive part. So how is it if we plan to do the work ourselves?

If we go by this build done by Tacomabeast, the materials for a full-on build with the best accessories will cost almost half as much as half of a brand new Toyota Tacoma. One lucky winner got a free build for his Taco. However, during the building of the overland Taco the team breaks down the price of each modification. Then they give us a total. For this build, the price comes out to $12,528.94. Check out the video below.

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How much is a new Toyota Tacoma?

According to Toyota’s website, a brand new Toyota Tacoma starts at $26,150. If you are looking into buying one for overland purposes, a stock Tacoma is a great foundation for all kinds of modifications. However, some people may want to buy a model that already has some off-road perks.


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Those models will, of course, cost more. Still, if we divide that Tacoma starting price in half we come to $13,075. The Tacoma overland build price breakdown we see in the video amounted to just under that.

So if you think about it, the build will cost not only the Tacoma starting price but then an additional sum for the build which will typically cost about half as much as the cost of a brand new Toyota Tacoma. That means the cost of the truck plus the build will end up pretty high. And that’s not even including the labor.

Is it worth it to modify your truck?

Unless overlanding and camping are a huge part of your life, or you plan on living in the nomadic fashion for a time, a complete overland build for a Toyota Tacoma may not be what you need. A stock Tacoma is plenty capable of handling a weekend camping trip all on its own.

Additionally, if you love backcountry camping, nearly any vehicle can park at the trailhead. Then it’s up to you to get to your site with your gear on foot, so the need for a truck camper just isn’t there. I will say though that for some people the designing and building of their truck camper is half the fun of embarking on such adventures.

a detailed and painstaking overland build present by Toyota at SEMA
2021 Toyota Tacoma SEMA Overlanding Concept With Tent | Toyota

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In the end, it is entirely up to you if you think an overland build is worth it. Some people may rather put that $12,000 toward available stock off-road models. The choice is ultimately up to you and what you intend for your brand new Toyota Tacoma.