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Sydney Sweeney is quite a popular figure. It makes sense; she is an Emmy-Nominated young actor who is also a heartthrob who also happens to build vintage cars. This is not the most common of traits. As such, I’m surprised a collaboration like the one Ford is doing with Sweeney hasn’t happened sooner. The actor has partnered with Ford to create a new workwear line of clothing, and it sold out only 31 hours after orders opened. 

Sydney Sweeny X Ford collaboration: Hat
Sydney Sweeney X Ford collaboration: Hat | Ford

Who is Sydney Sweeney?

Sweeney got her first push of fame from co-starring in shows like White Lotus and Euphoria. However, she blew up with a whole new fan base when people found out that she not only owned a first-gen Ford Bronco but also that she was building it herself. While Sydney Sweeney documents herself building her truck, she also makes tutorials online for how to do some small jobs yourself. As you might assume, the actor teaching people how to work on cars is quite popular. 

Sydney Sweeny X Ford 

the patch for the workwear collaboration
Ford X Sydney Sweeney Clothing Line | Ford

Ford’s new marketing campaign is a multi-pronged approach to “celebrate the greater community of Ford drivers who have broken the mold, driven innovation, and defied stereotypes for nearly 120 years.” Ford hired not only Sweeny to sell this idea but also professional stunt driver Dee Bryant and world champion big-wave surfer Kai Lenny. 

As for the clothing collaboration, Sweeney and Ford are also teaming up with the premier workwear company of our time, Dickies. According to Sweeney, the goal is to “empower and uplift women to pursue their passions, to get involved in the world of cars, and show that anyone can follow their dreams, no matter what they are!”

“Our merchandise is just another way of connecting with people who love Ford and our iconic brands,” said Michael O’Brien, Ford’s director of global marketing. “Seeing our customers’ enthusiasm for outdoor apparel made for off-roading in their Broncos, attending a racing circuit with a sea of fans in Ford Performance racing jackets, and hearing about young women who are inspired to work on their car for the first time because of Sydney Sweeney’s workwear line is so moving – and it’s what this is all about.”

What is in the Sydney Sweeney X Ford collection?

While the products are clearly quite popular, there aren’t that many options to choose from just yet. The workwear collection offers a hat bearing the name of the collab, a bandana with similar branding, a pair of work pants, and the most popular item, the Dickies overalls. 

The collection kept things simple with colors and styles. This was clearly a good move, considering the sales success. But there is also the practical aspect of work wear that demands a certain level of function over form. 

According to Ford Authority, the collection should get a restocking in July. Until then, you’ll have to employ skills the all too common reality of modern retail has taught us; waiting.