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You read that right, while Sydney Sweeney isn’t filming for Euphoria, she is working on her Bronco. Sweeney picked up the original Bronco early last year and has been documenting the restoration progress of the Ford Bronco on TikTok.

Sydney Sweeney is documenting the 1969 Ford Bronco restoration on her TikTok

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney fixed up a 1969 Ford Bronco on TikTok
Sydney Sweeney attends HBO’s “Euphoria” Season 2 Photo Call | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Back in Feb. 2021, Sydney Sweeney picked up the red Ford Bronco. It had a cherry red exterior with a white top ad appeared to be in great condition. The 24-year-old star posted videos of her first drive in the Bronco and seemed to be enjoying the new purchase. One of the first projects involved taking off the top and dealing with the axels and suspension.

In one of the @syds_garage videos on TikTok, Sweeney says she decided to change the transmission from manual to automatic. “Much to my mom’s dismay, I am changing the transmission to automatic so it can be an easier daily driver.” The video documents that process as the Euphoria star removed the drive-shaft with her cool pink gloves.

When a fan asked why she would change the 1969 Ford Bronco to stick, Sweeney noted that the traffic in LA is just too bad to use a manual transmission. She did confirm it was keeping the four-wheel drive, though.

Sydney Sweeney worked on the Bronco on TikTok during the last year and it is coming together

Sydney Sweeney had a little help from her friend, George when removing the leaf spring and back axel. She noted that the 1969 Ford Bronco was pretty rusted, which is where George popped in to help. The Bronco also got a bit of a lift at that time, which Sweeney had no problem helping with.

She appears to be working from an old Bronco manual book, which made it into the videos. Then, it was on to remove some rust from the frame. “Yesterday I wire brushed the rust off the frame then painted over with a Rustoleum paint to neutralize.”

According to Harper’s Bazaar, The White Lotus star has always been into Ford Broncos.

“I’ve always wanted a Bronco, and I got one. I called up my friend’s dad Rod Emory and was like, ‘Rod, I need a space in your shop.’”

Sydney Sweeney | Harper’s Bazaar

Sweeney noted in one video that she intended to repaint the Bronco a light blue color, but said that the cherry red was growing on her.

The Bronco is up and running after almost a year of work


she’s finally driveable! sending her off to get reupholstered this weekend 🙂 #bronco

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There are a variety of videos from 2021 documenting the process she made on the Bronco. You can see her wire brushing and painting the frame and removing bits and pieces as she goes. She installed a new fuel pump and fixed up the power steering. By the time October rolled around, the Bronco was up and running!

In January, Sweeney sent the Ford Bronco off to get reupholstered. She was looking at a pretty cool woven leather for the seats, which is going to look great with the red exterior color. When a fan asked how long it usually takes her to restore a car, she responded: “too long 🙁 euphoria takes most of my time so can’t come into the shop as much as I wish!”

Euphoria has been renewed for another season but it likely won’t be out until 2024. Sweeney might be filming The White Lotus right now or sometime soon, but hopefully, she has some time to work on getting the 1969 Ford Bronco completed soon! In one of the final videos, Sweeney shows an old baby blue Ford Mustang rolling out of a covered trailer. Is this the next project for Ms. Sydney Sweeney?


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