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The Triumph Bobber is another in a long list of beloved retro-styled motorcycles. This realtor theme has touched almost every bike maker. Ducati has the Scrambler, Honda did the CB, and, well, Royal Enfield’s whole thing. However, none of them are quite like this custom 2019 Triumph Bobber transformed into a fire-breathing monster. This is the fastest bobber motorcycle in the world. 

2019 custom Triumph Bobber is the fastest bobber motorcycle in the world
Custom 2019 Triumph Bobber | Collecting Cars

This Triumph Bobber is out of this world 

As reported by Silodrome, this is the fastest bobber in the world. Hell, this one is even still street legal. This little chopped rocket started life as a stock 2019 Triumph Bobber and got transformed by Jody Millhouse and friends. 

Millhouse owns and operates Thorton Hundred, a British shop specializing in building one-off custom motorcycles. Unlike many custom builders, the crew at Thorton Hundred focuses on world-class performance engineering as well as custom aesthetics. 

What went into building the fastest bobber motorcycle in the world?

side view of custom Triumph Bobber
Custom 2019 Triumph Bobber | Collecting Cars

First of all, the engine had to be completely stripped down to its skivvies and rebuilt from the ground up. The goal was to grow the bobber’s power by 300%. With upgrades like this, the engine had to be upgraded with harder components just to handle the stress of the new power. 

According to Silodrome, some of the components that needed addressing were new TTS machine cases, forged pistons, a custom camshaft, and many others. Thorton Hundred added a Rotrex C15 supercharger along with a NOS-injection system, and it’s all managed by a new ECU that was programmed specifically for this motorcycle.

Next came extensive testing for the Triumph Bobber

close up on the supercharger
Custom 2019 Triumph Bobber | Collecting Cars

Thorton Hundred completed dyno tuning and then had to start actually running this rocket bobber. The engine rebuild and tuning resulted in a 165-hp bike without the nitrous system running. However, this Triumph Bobber makes 202 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque when the boost system is switched on. 

The world’s fastest bobber is said to be able to crush a quarter-mile in 10.49 seconds. If left to run, the bike will hit 170 mph at full tilt. Of course, for a bike with this much power, some other systems also needed upgrading. The suspension and brakes got replaced with USD Öhlins forks upfront with custom triple clamps, an Öhlins mono-shock in the rear, Brembo monobloc brakes, Excel rims, and Michelin sport tires.

Everything is cyclical

Triumph Bobber
Custom 2019 Triumph Bobber | Collecting Cars

The Triumph Bobber and many other retro-style bikes show that OEMs have noticed the consumers’ love of vintage and retro designs. Hot rod builds like the fastest bobber motorcycle in the world show another re-emerging trend, hot rod building. 

Hot rod building is nothing new. And, there have been plenty of healthy tuner and mod-loving bike and car builders in the bagger and JDM scenes. But, seeing more builds like this might suggest that super-powered drag machines might be coming back for another round.

This bike is currently for sale at Collecting Cars. The current bid is at £25,250. Step up if you’re not scared.


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