Spontaneous Glass Shattering Is the Latest Tesla Model 3 Problem

The Tesla Model 3 is currently one of the most appealing electric vehicles available. With a healthy electric range and tons of power, the Model 3 is a no brainer. However, the release of this EV has been rocky at best. This is because quality control issues have plagued the model since its initial release. A new report by InsideEVs covers what may be the Model 3’s strangest new problem, spontaneously shattering glass windows.

Before we dive in, this story involves problems and videos provided by various owners. Tesla has yet to offer an official comment on the matter.

What is wrong with this Tesla Model 3?

This Tesla Model 3 story begins with a 2021 model purchased and owned in California. According to InsideEVs, a reader took delivery of the vehicle. From there, the reader reports that the rear passenger window shattered spontaneously just minutes after taking delivery. It is important to note that the video posted above is not of the exact Model 3. It is of another vehicle with the same problem. This is because the owner of this newest Model 3 was not filming when the event reportedly occurred.

Thankfully, this Tesla Model 3 owner won’t have to worry as the carmaker is taking full responsibility for the issue. Regardless, it could’ve been a potentially dangerous situation if the owner had decided to take their brand-new vehicle out for a spin that same night.

According to InsideEVs, the running theory could potentially be liked with other Model 3 issues. For example, this electric sedan is known for having panel gap and paint quality issues. As a result, InsideEVs suggests that a potential mistake with the vehicle’s subframe and manufacturing may be causing the issue. It is also worth noting that the Model 3 features frameless glass windows. As a result, there is no overarching structural component providing extra support. A subframe issue could then put an extra load onto the window, causing it to shatter.

This isn’t the first time a window has shattered

What makes this Tesla Model 3 story slightly more frustrating to owners is that this isn’t the first time it has happened. InsideEVs reports that they reported a similar issue with another Model 3 back in March of 2020. That vehicle is the one in the video posted above. From this angle, we can clearly see that the EV is parked on a driveway. Out of nowhere, the glass shatters and spews onto the floor.

What makes this particularly worry-some is that the vehicle was not on or in motion when this occurred. Additionally, one would assume that extra movement while on the road would emphasize this issue. Instead, it appears only to happen when the vehicle is stationary. InsideEVs also points out that many of these cases see the rear passenger window shatter most often.

Watch out Model Y owners

2019 Tesla Model S parked near trees
Tesla Model 3 | Sean Gallup via Getty Images

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Throughout most of 2020, it seemed as if this issue was confined exclusively to the Tesla Model 3. However, InsidieEVs reports that a similar issue occurred to a Model Y back in October of 2020. Oddly enough, this particular issue has not been seen in either the Model S or X. The problem may lie within the production of Tesla’s two newest models. Regardless, we will have to wait and see if the carmaker issues a recall or official statement about the issue.