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The question of why to do something is often overshadowed by why not. This happens more in the automotive world than in most other industries, which brings us to a crazy new creation. The team at SpeedKore Performance isn’t asking the why question but going with the why not way of doing things by creating a new Chrysler Pacifica powered by a massive Hellcat engine.

Bue Chrysler Pacifica SRT Hellcat Rendering from 2021
Chrysler Pacifica SRT Hellcat Rendering | Chrysler

What do you get when you drop a Hellcat engine into the Chrysler Pacifica?

Although the Pacifica’s engine bay isn’t suited for the massive V8 Hellcat engine, SpeeKore isn’t letting that limitation stop them. They’re adjusting the entire vehicle to accommodate the 6.2-liter Supercharged Hellcat V8 engine, but there’s more to this modification than the traditional Hellcat’s 707 horsepower. In fact, this tuning team intends to take this minivan beyond the demonic 1,025 horsepower of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170.

SpeedKore intends to give the Hellcat-powered Chrysler Pacifica 1,514 horsepower, which seems like overkill, but could easily put this modified minivan on the map.

Slavic folklore influence in this high-powered family grocery-getter

The tuning team dubbed this new Pacifica project “Baba Yaga,” which is the name of an ogre from Slavic folklore that devours children. Additionally, the Baba Yaga will have a Lilith Package, named for the primordial mother of demons. This package brings more to give the Hellcat engine its monstrous power figure.

How will the Pacifica handle this insane power?

In addition to a high-tuned V8 engine with all the trimmings, this high-performance family hauler sends power to the wheels through an 8-speed ZF transmission. The wheels change from mild-mannered minivan units to SRT wheels wrapped in Michelin tires.

We expect this new van to have suspension upgrades and a Brembo brake package to handle the power from this incredible engine. SpeedKore hasn’t released the drive information yet, but we don’t expect 1,514 horsepower to be sent to the front wheels. It’s likely the Baba Yaga will be an AWD minivan.

Exterior changes make the Hellcat Pacifica lighter and faster

The SpeedKore rendering shows a van covered in carbon fiber body panels and performance upgrades, including:

  • Enlarged fender flares
  • Hood scoop
  • Wider grille and fascia openings
  • Darkened taillights
  • SRT and Hellcat badging

These upgrades should give the Baba Yaga a 1,000-pound advantage over the standard Pacifica.

A Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat made for speed, not comfort

The Baba Yaga will “roast some tires,” not to grab the groceries or pick up the kids from school. The lighter and more powerful van should set performance records at the track and show what the SpeedKore team can do, even if it’s completely counterintuitive to a vehicle’s purpose.

Source: Motortrend