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Getting a driver’s license in South Dakota is pretty easy compared to other states. In fact, many studies say the state makes driving easier than any other. However, the requirements uphold road safety. Still, it’s interesting to see how various parts of the country differ from one another when it comes to the standards for passing the driver’s license test.

A South Dakota Driver’s license is easy to obtain

Passing a driver's license test in South Dakota is easy
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It may seem like the opposite should be true, but states have different requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. This is because each state differs regarding its laws, which means the respective driver’s license tests should reflect those differences to allow for optimal car safety. Of course, this also means that some states make the process much easier than others.

Getting a South Dakota driver’s license requires a two-part test, which is the case in most states. Drivers must pass a written knowledge test as well as a road exam. However, what makes getting your license in South Dakota so easy is that the road test only examines a handful of maneuvers. It takes 80% or above to pass the driving skills test in the state.

Maneuvers required to pass the South Dakota driver’s license test

1. Reverse 2-point parking
2.Observe right-of-way
3.Stop quickly
4.Backing up
5.Signal and turn
6. Passing
7. Follow at a safe distance

South Dakota is one of the most dangerous states for driving

It's easy to get a driver's license in South Dakota
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It’s important to point out that several factors can impact how safe a state is for drivers. However, South Dakota often ranks as one of the most dangerous places for drivers when it comes to the number of fatalities. According to SafeWise, it has a fatality rate of .158 per 1000 drivers, which is tied with Louisiana. The state also has a high number of driving fatalities that resulted from speeding despite higher than normal speed limits.

Regarding total car accidents, the NHTSA reports that the state averages 17,900 reportable instances each year. More specifically, there were 141 fatalities and 4,461 injuries related to crashes in 2020. This was a 38.2% increase in fatalities from the previous year. However, injuries were down about 9.3%.

Driver’s Licenses are valid in other states

Luckily for most drivers, licenses are valid in other states. So you won’t have to worry when traveling and driving through various states. Of course, this is even though each state has vastly different requirements for obtaining a license. However, you should be aware that some factors could limit this access to roads in other states.

For example, you’ll need to apply for a new license if you become a permanent resident in a different state. However, you won’t need to take a driver’s license test in most cases. Still, be sure to check local driving laws.

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