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One of the coolest reveals at SEMA 2021 so far is probably the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla truck. The camper is based on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport pickup truck and decked out with everything one could need to head to the wilderness for some camping. Easily one of the most highly anticipated reveals of the SEMA event, what does the Tacozilla truck have to offer?

SEMA 2021: Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Truck Camper Reveal

SEMA 2021: Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla truck
SEMA 2021: Andy Bell and the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Truck Camper | Amanda Cline, Motorbiscuit

Toyota wanted to capitalize on the tiny house craze by making the extremely popular Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport pickup truck into a self-sufficent camper. Thus, the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla truck was created. “Toyota combines downsizing and outdoor adventure with its Tacozilla Tacoma Camper, a backwoods overlanding-ready ‘micro-house’ rig that plays tribute to the Toyota campers from the 70s and 80s.”

Marty Schwerter and the team at Toyota Motorsports worked together to create a camper that was able to go anywhere, but in stile. Since the Tacoma can do just that, the Tacozilla Tacoma camper can as well. Complete Customs helped the team make the interior “rustic and comfortable.”

Since the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla is fully-cutsom, there is plenty of room for campers and adventures. “Tacozilla is an outstanding symbol of Toyota’s go-anywhere brand promise to our many owners who love overlanding and outdoor fun,” said Lisa Materazzo, Toyota Division Marketing group vice president told the crowd. What else does the camper have to offer?

The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla has a full bathroom and teak floors (of course)

Tacozilla Tacoma TRD Sport
The custom logo for the Toyota Tacozilla | Amanda Cline, Motorbiscuit

The Toyota Tacozilla camper has a 3.5L V6 engine getting 278 hp at 6,000 rpm. It has a six-speed manual transmission and a custom Motorsports Technical Center (MTC) exhaust. Plus, a TRD air intake and TRD Pro wheels. But the even cooler part comes with the amenities.

The Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Tacozilla camper has a fully-insulated interior with teak sauna-style flooring. It offers a full bathroom with a hot water shower, fully-operation shower, a kitchen, stove, and sink. It even has a refrigerator and a 3D-printed dining table that converts to a piece of art when not in use. There is room for sleeping in the back above the cab. The team at Toyota also included a fully-mtegrated winch in the front bumper as well.

You can watch the team work on the camper behind-the-scenes

Toyota has been hard at work on the Tacozilla camper and that is obvious from all of the details. The team put more than 100 hours into the build. If you are in the area and at SEMA, you can see the Toyota Tacozilla camper at the Toyota booth in Central Hall, Booth No. 24800.


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