Santa is Buying Himself A Ford Bronco For Arctic Fun

Who knew Santa is a Ford Bronco fan? As it turns out, Ford had some super-secret pictures of Santa visiting them in Dearborn, Michigan, back in November 1968. The purpose of his visit? He wanted to check out the new, first-generation Bronco. It seems that Santa likes to have some arctic off-road fun once he is done delivering gifts for the holidays. The legendary SUV was his go-to for that fun back then. Now that the 4×4 nameplate has returned, Santa has paid another visit to Ford. 

The Ford Bronco underwent cold-weather testing for Santa

Ford stands with two engineers discussing the 2021 Ford Bronco's cold weather testing results. | Ford Motor Company
Santa stands with two engineers discussing the 2021 Ford Bronco’s cold weather testing results. | Ford Motor Company

Ford does not share too much information about their high-profile celebrity customers. But the company did confirm via a tweet that Santa has, in fact, visited them again this year. The manufacturer shared a few pictures of the occasion. The purpose of his visit this time was much like his first visit. Santa wanted to check out the new Ford Bronco. Don’t worry, though. He’s not replacing all his reindeer. Instead, this vehicle will be for Santa’s free time after the holidays. 

Similar to his 1968 visit, Santa was deeply interested in the Ford Bronco’s cold weather durability testing. This makes sense given the artic location where the Claus family live and the toy workshops are all located. So, some Ford representatives took Santa to the cold-weather room where vehicles are subjected to plunging temperatures and humidity. Together they reviewed a checklist to make sure it met up to Santa’s standards. Santa probably checked the list twice. 

This Ford Bronco had some goodies

Ford did not comment on whether the Bronco in the image is the same one Santa bought. But, if it is, the red color is appropriate. It is his favorite color, of course. The off-roader in the picture also has some goodies. Our friends at Autoevolutions were able to determine that Santa was interested in the 2021 Ford Bronco 2-door model with the Outer Banks trim. The 4×4 is also outfitted with the Sasquatch package, a heavy-duty front bumper, and a brush guard.

The Ford Bronco is a pretty capable machine by itself. But, all of the options that Santa was looking at give the 4×4 SUV the necessary brawny tools it needs to traverse arctic plains and dunes. So, if Santa needs to drive from one workshop to the other to check on toy production, he doesn’t have to be worried about getting stuck anywhere. 

Will the 4×4 replace the Dodge Challenger Sleigh?


2021 Ford Bronco Comes With Free Off-Roading Experiences Sounds Jeepish

You might recall that Santa purchased a 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye. The car had been modified specifically for the jolly fellow. Skis were mounted where tires would normally be. This gave the Challenger more of a sleigh feel than a car. But, there is no word yet from Ford if Santa traded his Dodge Challenger Sleigh in. Of course, maybe he added the Ford Bronco to his growing fleet in the Claus garage alongside the Challenger. 

Santa is such a good guy that we hope that he gets everything he wants. We really can’t blame him for wanting to have some funs carving tracks in the snow up north. We just hope the reindeer don’t get jealous.